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The monthly newsletter of the Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware, Ohio

April, 2013

Vol 32 Number 4

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You’ve found the April, 2013, issue of DELARA News!  We’re glad you’re here.  But since it’s APRIL you may want to view us with a jaundiced warned!

As you navigate through our pages, use the menu across the top, or press the ‘next’ arrows at the bottom of each page to go through the entire edition. But then, it’s April! We may just send you to the Tibetan Post.  Think we’re kidding??

The DELARA News is published monthly, check our archives on the DELARA web (click “K8ES Web” above) for some really interesting, creative writing in our past.

Headlines for April

...April...that’s right...APRIL...APRIL!!!  

Get it?  You’ve been warned!!

(Not April Fool)  DELARA Wins Ohio QSO Party


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