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December 2014


You’re reading the December DELARA News!

DELARA News is published on the web as the monthly newsletter of the Delaware Amateur Radio Association in Delaware, Ohio. 
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delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 33  NUMBER 12

DELARA Officers: Here they are

Retire, and you have all that free time- so it’s a natural...

DELARA members voted in a new President during the November meeting. Larry, N9AUG, stepped down after three successful years at the helm (always leave ‘em wanting more!)  Dave, WB2CWJ, and Ken, W8SMK, hadn’t had enough yet, so the choices were easy. Join me in welcoming our new DELARA President for 2015, Joe Papworth, K8MP! Joe has recently retired from the workplace, so as we all know, he’ll have ~so~ much time now! Well, we were able to catch him before his calendar filled and we’re lucky we did! Joe is no stranger to the inner sanctum of DELARA, he has served in the past as Vice President.  Joe is a consummate contester with some pretty big placements under his belt. And, Joe is a mobile CW operator (yes, you read that right!)  Joe is also one of our most prolific writers here at the DELARA News, his “Joe’s Place” columns have always brought a smile or struck a chord. He’s published a compilation of his articles as well! Dave, WB2CWJ and Ken, W8SMK, have agreed to yet another year as Vice President and Secrretary-Treasurer respectively. We welcome them back!

We See the Light~

At our November meeting, Ken, W8SMK, shared a very interesting display of light bulbs. No, it really was interesting!  We started out with incandencents, looked at CFL’s (don’t get me started...) and then he brought out new LED lighting, with a comparison of each in our darkened room.   (Photo: Sandy, N8YS) The output of a new LED bulb was impressive! Ken has switched his home over to the LED’s, so the box stores are going to have to look elsewhere for light bulb customers- Ken doesn’t expect to buy any for the rest of his life.
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