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February, 2014


You’re reading the DELARA News!

DELARA News is published on the web as the monthly newsletter of the Delaware Amateur Radio Association in Delaware, Ohio.  This newsletter won the ARRL Ohio Section “Best Newsletter” aware in 2010, and the ARRL Division

A Brand New Look!

With our new website comes a new

look for the DELARA News!

Our look is designed to be easier to read, easier to find your favorite stuff, and easier to expand as we grow. DELARA is the only club we know which publishes the monthly newsletter as a full and complete website- with clickable links, videos, and all the other interactive capability that bring the DELARA News alive! We have the regular sections you’re used to, the regular news from the hobby, and best of all, the regular crazies... er... literary expert columnists to entertain and educate! We have expanded out archives and added a great new clickable index for articles from 2010 forward. You can find that favorite article (Did they really reclaim Craig’s callsign??) and click right to it! Use the drop-down menu bar across the top to step through the pages - you won’t want to miss a thing!
© DELARA News, the official monthly newsletter of the Delaware Amateur Radio Aassociation, Delaware, OH
delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 33  NUMBER 2 

DELARA website is new

DELARA has had a big presence on the Internet, with our website bearing the callsign of a Hall of Famer Paul Forgrave, K8ES. As you probably found out in the process of reaching our newsletter, the entire website has been revamped and redesigned. Take some time to click through and see all the great things that DELARA has to offer our members!

DELARA tables at Mansfield

DELARA has a tradition at the Mansfield Mid-Winter hamfest, and we continue this year with offering two table spaces. Gary, KE8O is handling the arrangements. Information can be found by clicking on the link: http://hamfest.w8we.org/2014Postcard.pdf
We value your remarks, comments and suggestions!  Please let us in on your thinking so we can have the best newsletter possible!  AND please consider writing something for us!  WE NEED YOUR ARTICLES, COMMENTS, PICTURES, and historical stuff!! Click here to email DELARA News with your comments!!