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delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 33  NUMBER 2 


The “Off Season

Yup, it’s cold- but you know, I remember winters like this almost every year back in the 50’s and 60’s growing up.  For many of our ARES activities, this winter has been the “off season” – but do we really get the luxury of such a break?   Just like safety services and those at Red Cross and EMA, there is no real break- only different situations to watch out for, to be prepared.  Take this cold season we’re going through. Will that stop the emergencies if they decide to happen?  Remember last year at this time when we were out in 12 degree weather, involved in a missing person search? That kind of response can be required any time- and we need to keep ourselves and our equipment ready!  Have your “snowsuit” ready to go, and the idea of having those supplies in your vehicle is not as far- fetched as it may first seem. Think of the Chicago reports from just last week, where people spent up to 20 hours stuck in their cars. Would you be prepared for something like that?  What scared me as much as the idea of people being stranded is the general inability of folks to think their way through such a situation.  (I heard one report that stranded people called friends to bring them food. Er, why didn’t you just get in their cars and go home??)  At any rate, these things can happen fast and unexpectedly. There’s a lot going on in our group over this season. I’m excited about the interest everyone is showing in fldigi and working digital modes over two meters! Our last two monthly nets have involved setting up and practicing sending messages. It’s great fun, and only requires a laptop and some free software! No fancy interface to fool with, just hold the mic up to the speakers and you’re done! We can help install and set up your system (bring it next Thursday to the training meeting!)  Another effort is continuing through the winter seasons- that is the Ham Broadband MESH project. Weather is crimping plans to install antennas, but there are several enthusiasts experimenting with software, and coming up with ways we can actually apply this networking. We are also moving on getting some additional antenna resources for the EOC (badly needed!)  With the expansion to digital modes, we need some more channels and the hangup is antenna related. Thanks to all who are working on these and other things for us!  ARES is the whole group- and the work is easier when spread around. I appreciate your enthusiasm, and will keep working up training and exercises to make us all better able to serve our neighbors! Stan Broadway, N8BHL Delaware County ARES EC

From the State Emergency Coordinator

I am beginning my first monthly article of the new year by introducing my staff. I have selected three Assistant Section Emergency Coordinators since I was appointed in January 2012. The Assistant Section Emergency Coordinators are available for consultation and to answer your questions. Feel free to email them at any time and they'll respond back in a timely manner. Scott Phillips N8SX is the Assistant SEC appointed for Northern Ohio. He is responsible for maintaining the Ohio Section Training Database and his collateral duty is the development and implementation of Ohio's first ARESMAT Team. His email address is n8sx@arrl.net. Mark Griggs KB8YMN is the Assistant SEC appointed for Central Ohio. He has been assigned the collateral duty of recruiting. He is the primary source of recruiting new volunteers and seasoned veterans into ARES as well as retaining them in the program. His email is kb8ymn@arrl.net. Gary Stephenson WW8O is the Assistant SEC appointed for Southern Ohio. He has been assigned the collateral duty of training. He is the primary source of training new ARES volunteers and seasoned veterans alike. His email is ww8o@frontier.com. Attention all ARES volunteers... Please contact your Emergency Coordinator and verify your contact information, especially email address and telephone number. There will be times throughout the year where you will be called upon. Wrong contact info could lead to delays in staffing important assignments. I recommend verifying your contact information on a quarterly basis or when anything changes. If you are not an ARES member, but would like to be, or at least thinking about it please contact your County Emergency Coordinator. They will get your started in ARES and guide you in the right direction. You can find their contact information on the Ohio Section website www.arrl-ohio.org. What if I do not have an Emergency Coordinator in my county? Excellent question. All 88 counties are grouped into 10 ARES districts. Every district has an appointed District Emergency Coordinator. Their contact information is also located at www.arrl-ohio.org. Be sure to follow and bookmark the Ohio Section ARES Blog. http://ohiosectionares.blogspot.com/ I post announcements, information about upcoming events, and other miscellaneous items of importance on that blog. Matt Welch, W8DEC Ohio SEC