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June 2014


You’re reading the May DELARA News!

DELARA News is published on the web as the monthly newsletter of the Delaware Amateur Radio Association in Delaware, Ohio. 
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Field Day!

The ARRL’s nationwide emergency communications weekend will soon be here- and it’s one of DELARA’s biggest activities!  You can read more about out specific plans on the Field Day page- but just what is it? How did Field Day come about? The exercise had a noble purpose: to practice setting up a communications station in the field, without using existing power or antennas. But how to keep folks interested? Make it a contest to see how many other similar stations you could reach! The June, 1933 QST magazine held the announcement:  The First International Field Day Event.  It was envisioned as being a 27 hour exercise, beginning the second Saturday. The goal was to test portables and make it an annual affair. RSGB, NVIR and RB sponsored similar events in Europe.  The winner of the first Field Day was a non-club group using the call W4PAW. The score? 62 QSO’s.  In 1934, the rules changed slightly and the scoring system began to look like what is in effect today- rated on power output. But back then, the division was 20 watts or 60 watts.  In 1937 the “Field Day Message” came into play, giving a 10 point bonus.  The winning score reached the astronomical 204. Today’s rules pretty much had their structure by the 1940’s.  If you are not a regular operator but interested in this event (and the fellowship of DELARA club members) you are more than welcome to visit us as the Scioto Township Park and Nature Preserve, 4363 Marysville Rd, Delaware, OH 43015 where a station is set up and ready to go just for you! Someone will be there to guide you through operating. If you don’t have a license, c’mon out! You, too, can operate and perhaps try out the world’s greatest hobby!  

Meeting This Month:

Final Field Day planning!  Find out who’s who, what’s what, and most important- where the eats are!  We were number two in the nation, so the pressure’s on! Not only is this the central family gathering for DELARA each year, but there is a contest to win- the way we do that is polish up the details, find an operating seat and ~sit in it!~ to make as many contacts as possible!  Our Coordinators, Sandy and Gary will give us the details!  


We didn’t get any pictures back to prove it, but talk on the repeater was that DELARA had a large representation at the Hamvention this year! Everyone appreciates the spot for resting and fellowship at the DELARA booth. The overall comments indicated the Hamvention was pretty much as last year, with no disasters, exploding sanitary lines, or other issues. In all, a great time in the world’s best hobby!
delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 33  NUMBER 6

Another Big Win!

DELARA once again has taken first place in the Club category for the 2013 Ohio QSO Party!  Check out that report, and a great First Place Win for N8OB in the ARRL VHF contest! Even more certificates keep coming in!   To go right there, use the menu above for “Operation - Contest Team”
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