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May 2014


You’re reading the May DELARA News!

DELARA News is published on the web as the monthly newsletter of the Delaware Amateur Radio Association in Delaware, Ohio. 
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Weather Training

Over one hundred people attended the 2014 Severe Weather Seminar staged by the National Weather service along with Delaware and Union Counties’ EMA.  The training was held at the Ostrander Elementary School (central to both counties). Delaware EMA displays were set up, as were displays by the Red Cross and Delaware ARES.  Scioto Township Fire Department units were at the scene as attendees. The most important takaway is something you should consider mandatory You need a weather alert radio in your home! You should also sign up for the “Code Red” emergency phone calls (available on the Delaware EMA website). 

Balloon Launch fails

The launch of a high altitude balloon (UA- HABP2) from Delaware State Park was moved at the last minute, and ultimately failed. The payload in the University of Akron Amateur Radio Club’s balloon included a cross band repeater, slow scan television, and telemetry.  The club expected a two to four hour flight, reaching a maximum altitude projected to be 80,000 feet.  Because the launch was initially set for Delaware State Park, several DELARAns were on watch. John, W8SJV, was ready to copy telemetry. But as the launch streamed live on the Internet from a different park closer to Cleveland, it was obvious the were battling some very strong winds.  It took all they had to hold it while the balloon was being inflated. As the balloon was finally released, instead of going up the wind took it nearly horizontally across the field into a grove of trees.  So much for the balloon. The club members are still enthusiastic, however, so look for something in the future! Stan, N8BHL


It's official the club will have 4 flea market spaces at Dayton this year. The location is FE3849,FE3850, FE3851,FE3852 - very close to our previous spot. Sandy and I plan to be there on Friday. I will bring a canopy for shade, and can leave it for Saturday if someone takes responsibility for its safe keeping, and return. Steve, W8SWH agreed to bring the boat anchors to keep the canopy from blowing away should the wind pick up. Tables & Chairs will be a bring your own item. Everyone is responsible for their own overnight storage of their For Sale items. Gary, KE8O
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