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September 2014


You’re reading the September DELARA News!

DELARA News is published on the web as the monthly newsletter of the Delaware Amateur Radio Association in Delaware, Ohio. 
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delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 33  NUMBER 9  

Repeater Update

We told you last month that Ken has successfully moved the 145.17 repeater to a location nearer to Alum Creek, east of Delaware and just north of 36/37. The site at his home is now the “South Receive” site. This has made a great improvement for many of us!  Larry, for instance, can reach the system with his handheld from his living room. You have to like that! Now, phase two is nearly complete in the chain of repeater events.  The Delaware ARES repeater on 145.19, has been located from the county building over to the WDLR radio tower (at around 220 ft) replacing the 17 facilities. The downside is we lose backup generator power. The upside (much more significant) is that the repeater will soon be actually usable. Its performance wasn’t very good before. Now, with a much higher antenna and with some yet-to-come tweaks on the receiver to get that up to snuff, the machine should be worthwhile. To overcome the emergency power issue we’ve created, we have mounted the power supply with two large deep cycle batteries, so that should power be down, the repeater can be expected to operate for several hours (theoretically- we’ll know more if and when...) on battery power.  We have yet to re-allign the receiver (which isn’t hearing well) and to install a low-voltage cutoff to save the batteries when they’re drawn down. If aligning the receiver doesn’t cure the problem, we’ll install a secondary receiver that should work fine. Another in our series of “win-win-win” upgrades is that moving the 19 out of the county building frees up a VHF antenna for use in the EOC- allowing us (finally!!) to have a second VHF radio functioning there. With the advent of digital traffic on fldigi, it is critical to have both voice and digital signal paths available in the EOC. There is one “Bad news” item on our list. During the tower work for the changeover, Ken had obtained a Ubiquiti “Bullet” for broadband-ham MESH to be mounted on the radio station tower. This would have made it very accessible to event coverage, and even permanent MESH communication from all over the county!  But the thing about radio stations is they’re swamped with RF energy. Imagine. And all that energy just literally swamped the 2.4 GHz unit, it just wasn’t possible!  So we’ll have to look into other forms and designes to install MESH to cover Delaware! Disappointing - but at least they tried!

Letter to DELARA:

This is one of those messages I guess we all will face at some point. I did not realize it was my time. So...  I am going to be leaving Ohio and moving into Senior Housing. Most of my radio gear has been sold. I want to thank W8SMK & W8KKM who helped me when I first arrived in Ohio. Another thanks to the Delara Contest Team especially KV8Q & K8MP.  You guys helped elevate my contest skills and my appreciation for the quality ops you guys represent. I had high hopes to beat my previous score in the Ohio QSO party but... I was not much for attending meetings as my mobility is quite limited but I enjoyed the DELARA NEWS and vicariously participated. So to all 73 & many thanks Norm Hansen W8NH CL
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