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Jaunary 2015


You’re reading the January DELARA News!

DELARA News is published on the web as the monthly newsletter of the Delaware Amateur Radio Association in Delaware, Ohio. 
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delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 34  NUMBER 1

Our “second” monthly meeting!

A time to get back to the technical roots of the hobby

Saturday afternoon, January 10th, will launch DELARA’s ~Second~ monthly meeting! This addition to our calendar promises to get us back to the root of our hobby!  Prompted by a group interest in MESH technology and adapting other technologies, the purpose of the meeting has expanded to include the ‘Elmering’ concept. As we begin, it is planned to hold the Saturday meetings at the residences of Bob, W8ERD, and John, W8NX, who each have extensive testing equipment. The first meeting host Bob, W8ERD, has outlined some of the things you will find at this meeting: We will meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month 1:30-3:30.  This will allow us to report on the meeting at the following general DELARA meeting. The first meeting will be at my house, 2131 Klondike Rd.  That is near where route 36 crosses the Scioto river.   Here are the things you can do there:   1. See mesh radio demos, bring your mesh equipment, test and set up etc.   2. Set up your Fldigi programs and equipment.   3. Get a Tiger Tail HT antenna booster or a coax J pole antenna for 2 meters.   4. Get Power Pole connectors installed on your radio power wires.   5. Borrow equipment from the DELARA lending library, which currently includes:      Kenwood TS-430S 160-10M transceiver, with power supply.      MFJ antenna tuner      Dentron antenna tuner      Hustler 4NBTV 40-10M vertical antenna (N8BHL has it)   6.  Watch and learn; get hands-on help.   Bring your equipment and laptop as needed for your projects.   Please let Bob know if you plan to be there, and what you would like to  do or have help with, so we can be prepared with the right stuff.  We need both teachers/gurus and learners!   See you there!

What we have going on in 2015

It bears repeating that DELARA has a lot to offer!  There are groups interested in a wide variety of activities in our great hobby of Amateur Radio!  Our DELARA Contest Team is a consistent high scoring unit, which over the past couple years has moved to the top 10-20% of Ohio contest teams...and that’s no small achievement!  Our MESH group has become a go-to unit for those interested in this new technology from all over the state. And the club’s biggest outing- Field Day- has just become better and better each year, both in total scoring for the contest, in preparation for emergency operation, and most of all in a friendly gathering and well-catered picnic!  Our license testing program is going strong, and we have set out amateur radio books in the county’s libraries and in schools. Our many activities have represented DELARA very well in keeping the ARRL “Special Service Club” rating. Perhaps one of the most appreciated activities of the club is our Monday Night Net! A laid-back, conversational gathering of club members and interested hams, this net takes a topic or question and we just generally check in with each other. It goes a long way to maintaining the most important element of our club: its people!  After all, the radio hobby began as a social hobby as well as a one of technical interest- the hobby brings people together! At one recent net, members were quick to re-affirm that the relationships, friendships and quality of DELARA people were tops on the list of things they appreciate about the club. There were some good suggestions for where we could move forward this year.  One suggestion from Bob, W8ERD, was to get more involved in “Elmering”- that’s the mentoring relationship of a  seasoned ham to a new ham, where a lot more than just technical advice and training takes place. It has prompted relationships that have lasted lifetimes, and it nearly always seals the new person’s interest in amateur radio. While we do have an Elmer page on the website, with a means of submitting questions by email, we could easily expand. In fact, we are! At almost the same time as the idea was presented, Bob, W8ERD and John, W8NX, have joined to form just such a group activity! (See next column) Another idea presented to the net by Tim, K8TAT, was to have classes for Technician and General level interest.  I’m all about that- previous classes have been a great success!  Yet another from Joe, K8MP, was to take more field trips! So whatever your interest, take advantage of what YOUR club has to offer!  I hope to see you at our next meeting!
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