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November 2015


You’re reading the November DELARA News!

DELARA News is published on the web as the monthly newsletter of the Delaware Amateur Radio Association in Delaware, Ohio. 
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delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 34  NUMBER 11
Our monthly meeting -- 7:30 PM November 18 -- will carry on a great tradition in DELARA, the “Boat Anchor Night.”  To prepare properly for this event, all members and guests are encouraged to cast fear to the wind, and enter the back chambers of their equipment shelves or closets! Sweep the dust webs aside, breath cautiously, and review the various items you have sequestered there for such a time as this. Be warned, such an excursion into your storage area will bring great risk of reviving old memories, of equipment used, QSO’s completed, and friend experienced through your ham radio career. Or, it might only bring up the image of your precious item on a hamfest table some years ago and the question, “Now why in the world did I buy that??”  Either way, prepare for this to be a time- consuming adventure. Select a few items of great value and significance, and haul them off to the DELARA meeting!  Be judicious because the only real rule for this gathering is this:  whatever you DON’T get rid of, YOU get to return it you your closet for next year. Here’s how it goes: the front table will soon become stacked with treasures!  As we enter the meeting room, there is that spirit of excitement! “What will I find?  Will I be able to wrestle it away from the other members to take home?”  Each of us gets a chance to approach the table and add a sympathetic explanation of the treasure- hoping to stimulate someone’s interest in removing your jun ...er... contribution.  “What we have here is a complete home-based, off-grid solar power system. I never used it, but it’s missing two five-cent screws. Everything else works. Yours for the taking!” or, “This is my FLEX 5000, it’s completely operational, I just have too many other radios and the shelf is starting to bow. Please take it home.”  Yeah, that might be stretching it a little. But rest assured that whatever Bob, W8ERD, brings WILL have the complete manual for operating convenience! We then wrestle (VERBALLY only, we’re all too out-of-shape to get physical!) for the privilege of grabbing that magic stuff home, where it most likely will occupy OUR dusty shelves until we stumble across it next year!  And that, friends, is the cycle of life DELARA style! Hope to see you there!


boatanchor night this month!

boatanchor night this month! Oh, did I mention... BOATANCHORS THIS MONTH

An advancement for MESH in Delaware

County - a mobile-to-mobile contact

It’s Antenna Season!

You know the saying: the antenna won’t work unless it’s installed during a rainstorm (snow is better) on a cold day!  Many of us have had antenna projects on the brain, and now we’re faced with scrambling to get them done or putting them off yet one more year. To aid in our decision making, John Perone, W8RXX, has searched out the answer. Its official, fall is here.  While up my tower installing winter wax on my antennas I found a woolly worm, woolly bear, or more technically correct an Arctiinae of the Arctiidae family, an Arctiini to interview. Here is a portion of the interview I had with it. The little fuzz ball said, “I actually have a pretty good track record. The fuzzier I am coincides with the bitterly cold air expected, think fuzzy, warm coats to keep you warm. The color of my fuzz is very important.  Brown/reddish colors signal a milder winter where the black fuzz signals a colder winter. When I wear white fuzz means a blizzard is on the way.” So what does this all mean for this winter? Absolutely nothing…
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