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April 2916


You’re reading the April DELARA News!

... let me repeat that- the ~April~ edition...you’ve been warned. DELARA News is published on the web as the monthly newsletter of the Delaware Amateur Radio Association in Delaware, Ohio. 
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A fu werds uv wisdom frum th’

Tennessee  hills and yer President

Springtime, Y’all !!!!

Ever see that gigantic “Florence, Y’all” on the water tower along I-75 in Florence, KY? Those big letters are what inspired the “Springtime Y’all” heading. Linda and I just rolled in after spending a few days down in the Smokey Mountains and we passed the Florence water tower of course. We shared a very nice chalet with our number two son and his family in the mountains overlooking Gatlinburg, TN. I think every American family with kids on spring break was also there because it was slow getting around town. Fortunately, we didn’t have to cruise through town too many times. I only made one radio contact while there. It was with W4KEV through his 2M repeater. Kevin and I kicked around some of the goings on ham radio wise in Tennessee and Ohio. I mentioned the county ham mesh network that is coming together and some of its capabilities. He said there is some mesh stuff going on in TN but he wasn’t involved so he didn’t know how much progress has been made. The other ham-highlight was getting to meet one of my CW buddies. John, AK4Z, and his wife Amy, KT4E, drove over to G’burg on Saturday evening and we met them at my cousin’s wife’s wine shop. The four of us had a great time talking mostly about ham radio but also about families, careers, and other stuff. At times, my cousin Brian and his wife Dana were able to break away from serving wine and food to join the conversation. It was a fun, relaxing get-away for all of us. On the home front, we have several activities coming up this month. They are considered ARES events but you’re all invited, (except for the EC/AEC training) April 7th is the weather spotter training. It’s open to the public and is very informative. If you can’t identify a Wall Cloud, you should probably attend. It’s at 7 PM at the Delaware Area Career Center South. (aka the JVS South campus) April 9th 8 AM til 4:30 PM- EC and AEC Training for ARES District 6 and 7. You ECs and AECs know who you are. It will be held at the Franklin County HS/EMA offices, 5300 Strawberry Farms Blvd, Columbus, OH 43230. April 23 NVIS Antenna Day, 10 AM at Dale's, W8KTQ, 3120 North 3B's & K Road, Sunbury. Come over and play radio with experimental antennas. (And get free grub too !!!) April 29 9 AM until 1 PM is the Delaware Health Department’s pandemic exercise. They need volunteer “victims” but bring your H-T, just in case you’re needed for communications. You can register at:  ConnectionsVolunteerCenter.org That’s about it from Hill Billy Heaven. I hope to see you all at the meeting but if not, then next month, at José’s Palicio.

To the uninitiated -

Our April tradition explained

OK if you are not a ‘seasoned’ reader of the DELARA News, you probably ought to violate the traditional ham radio “Instructions? We don’t need no instructions!” mantra and read these. First, as with ALL media coverage in this great age, we must never automatically believe what we read/hear/see.  DELARA News refuses to get into the pool when it comes to modern media reports:  Reporter does standup on typical story (”Remains of medieval power generating plant recovered from Tesla follower’s home”) while photos of Craig..er..the follower superimpose over half the screen.  Reporter wraps up: although --candidate x-- hasn’t included Tesla research in the proposed energy policy everyone knows it won’t work and will bankrupt the government. Back to you, Sid.  Smiles and nods knowingly. Anchor echoes the thanks. Strained banter between anchor and sports-chick. “Our lead story, the Buckeyes practiced today...” Every April, the DELARA News takes a refreshing, deliberate stance: we lie. To put it simply, we stretch April Fool’s day for the entire month. And we’ve gotten quite good at it. For instance, even the ARRL leadership went scrambling through the rulebook when Craig, W8CR, wrote that the feds had re-claimed his callsign, and replaced it with a KG8*%& callsign.  We all shivered a bit reading Tom, KV8Q’s record-setting win as he skis across Wisconsin, and quickly dove into our antenna books as Bob, W8ERD, reported success with a “Skew Path” antenna array that bent waves to better traverse the earth.  You get the idea. So be warned...and most of all, be entertained!  Our crew of whimsical writers has been sniffing too much soldering smoke- they’ll all get back to normal.
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