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DELARA - A New Project is Born!

Does this look familiar to you? Well, it might to Dale and the other air-heads in our club, but perhaps this will be a better view: This is the Delaware Red Cross building, at 380 Hills-Miller Rd.   We are very excited to announce that this is also now the location of the DELARA AMATEUR RADIO CLUB STATION!  
Read more about the big changes at Dayton inside!
Earlier this year, with assistance from Delaware County’s Homeland Security / Emergency Management Agency Director Sean Miller, KD8RBM,  DELARA and the Delaware County ARES was put in touch with the Red Cross.  With consolidation to Columbus, many of the functions carried out in the building (owned by the National Red Cross) have moved out. There are still some local functions taking place, and it’s hoped that this might become a regional facility. But that still leaves room - and DELARA now has a signed agreement with Red Cross that allows us the former Director’s office  (on the east side of the building near to the tower) to become am important hub for amateur radio in Delaware County. There are several functions immediately envisioned for this station. First, this station will become the “Hub” or County Control Station for ARES activities as we serve the public. We hope to create a strong local VHF/UHF station component enabling us to coordinate activities anywhere in the county, and relay information from other counties. There is a lot of ground, and HF antennas will give us the ability to run HF nets that we have never had in the past!  
When one talks HF antennas to a DELARA member, the other obvious function presents itself: a solid HF station for any member to use (live in an HOA area, or a condo? No problem!)  and a station that we hope will be constructed to high contest- grade standards. Here’s another blast! We already have a tower to use at the station! More on that as we progress.  We have a fairly extensive stock of “loaner” HF equipment that will help launch our station with respectable gear.
This station will be a joint DELARA / ARES project...and it’s going to be there for YOU! So we are asking everyone to get involved!!   By default (since he did much of the work) Donn, K8AOK, is our point person. As we get this underway, we’ll try our best to keep everyone involved- so watch your email reflector, and the DELARA News for updates!   Man...this is gonna be FUN!!
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August 2016


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Good Bye, Dayton!     Hello Xenia!

Hara Arena throws in the towel, and a NEW “Dayton” is born

Boy- did word about this get around quickly!  Among the first was Section Manager Scott Yonally, N8SY: Hamvention® has announced that Hara Arena, the home of Hamvention since 1964, is closing. Hamvention 2017 will be held at a new location in the Dayton area, yet to be disclosed. “The Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA) regrets to inform our many vendors, visitors and stakeholders that, unfortunately, HARA has announced the closing of their facility,” a news release from Hamvention General Chair Ron Cramer, KD8ENJ, said today (July 29). “We have begun execution of our contingency plan to move Hamvention® 2017 to a new home. DARA and Hamvention have enjoyed many successful years working together with HARA Arena and we wish the Wampler family the best.” According to Cramer, DARA and Hamvention have been working on a contingency plan in the event that the deteriorating Hara Arena ever should become unavailable. “We have spent many hours over the last few years evaluating possible locations and have found one in the area we believe will be a great new home!” The announcement said that DARA and Hamvention expect to make a formal announcement soon “introducing our new partner.” “We all believe this new venue will be a spectacular place to hold our beloved event,” Cramer said. “Please rest assured we will have the event on the same weekend and, since it will be in the region, the current accommodations and outside events already planned for Hamvention 2017 should not be affected.” “We look forward to your continued support as we move to a new future with The Dayton Hamvention.” A hockey team’s cancellation of its upcoming season earlier this month had raised questions about the future availability of Hara Arena for Hamvention®. Hara Arena has been facing long- standing financial problems — including unpaid property taxes. Renovations promised for the 2016 Hamvention never materialized. Hamvention attracted more than 25,000 visitors this spring and is worth millions of dollars to the Dayton area economy. The Wampler family has owned and operated Hara Arena since its humble origins in the 1950s, when Wampler Ballarena — then a dance hall and now an exhibit hall familiar to Hamvention visitors — was built in what had been a family-owned orchard. Here is the official announcement:
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