DELARA Club Station Takes Shape!

We’ve told you about it, if you’ve attended a club meeting you’ve watched it.  The DELARA / ARES club station is shaping up nicely at the Delaware Chapter building for the American Red Cross (ARC).  And that has involved a LOT of club members! Some have donated or loaned equipment to the station. others have contributed (lots) of time and effort to helping with the buildout, the tower expansion and antennas. Others are on the lookout for accessories. The great news is that the station (although not completely any station??) has been initiated with some time on the 160-meter contest!  The latest in summary: We had already boosted the height of the 30’ tower by 10’. We added another 10’ and guys, bringing the tower height to 50. We placed a great beam on the tower, with a new dual- band vertical VHF/UHF antenna on top. We added a huge rotor (ERD-style, only the best!) and it is now in business!  Dale added an extended double zepp inverted V to the top of the trees (maybe 70’?)  There is a nice patch panel, with lots of flexibility to run the HF stations! So the stations are operational, the computers are at least networked and the Internet is available to all of them. All the ARES stations are up and running. The last step before we’re satisfied that we now have a “real” station is to connect radios to computers for contest logging and digital modes. Cables and interfaces are on the way. Take a look at some construction pictures!  TO ALL- THANK YOU SINCERELY! We could not have done this without your sacrifice!!
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December 2016


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delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 35  NUMBER 12

The Prez’s Shack

When I was a wee lad, my teachers, parents, various relatives and other people told me to study hard, work hard, be a good citizen and don’t give up hope on the Browns.  If I did all that then, maybe, I could be president when I was grown up.  Well, I’ll bet they are all proud of me now.  I’ve made it. During the November, 2016, meeting we held officer elections before the free stuff give-away.  Ken, W8SMK, was affirmed as treasurer/secretary for another year; Stan, N8BHL, was affirmed as vice-president also for another year and yours truly was elected president after efforts to railroad Joe, K8MP, back into the president’s chair failed. My thanks to Ken and Stan for what they do in their respective roles.  A huge thanks and acknowledgement to Joe, K8MP, for serving the last two years as president. DELARA is a great club because of the people who come to the meetings, help out with the many activities that go on, provide support and help when needed and keep the ham radio spirit alive.  My number one priority is to not mess that up.  As I heard from another organization, it’s hard to lead a group when you have to run hard just to keep up.  So it is here.  The members are what make a club strong and successful; it’s not about us officers. Three club items to note… 1. There is no meeting this month.  We will resume meetings in January at the Red Cross building as usual. 2. Dues are due!  Please get your dues to Ken, W8SMK.  It’s also very convenient to go to the club’s web site: and click the “PAY MY DUES” link near the upper-left corner. 3. Our holiday party on is January 7, 2017.  It will be at the Red Cross building where we now have our meetings starting at 5:00 p.m.  Tim, K8TAT, is heading up the planning for this so please look for further information.  This is a family event meant to be a fun, relaxing social gathering; please plan to attend.  We have several newer members and this would be a good time to get to know them and for them to get to know the longer-tenured members. I hope that everybody has a great holiday time with your families and that Rudolf and Santa bring that ham radio toy that you’ve been pining for all year. 73 Joe, W8JPF
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