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February 2016


You’re reading the February DELARA News!

DELARA News is published on the web as the monthly newsletter of the Delaware Amateur Radio Association in Delaware, Ohio. 
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delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 35  NUMBER 2

El Estado de el Club from El

Presidenté’s Palacio

Every other head of something is giving a “state of their whatever” address, so why not me? The governor of Maine is going to submit his in writing this year so I figured it’s OK for me to do that too. The short version: We have a great club. Everyone contributes something to the cause. Everyone is willing to teach and be taught, which proves that old dogs can learn new tricks. For the future, just keep doing what you’re doing and DELARA life will be great. The long version: We had another great year. We did very well at Field Day (again). I’m thinking FD participation and results is a great indicator of the “health” of a club. Turning in a top-notch score in a multi-station set up takes a lot of planning, a lot of people, a lot of skill, a lot of effort, a lot of good food, and well, a lot of everything. Or… On the other hand, maybe we’ve been doing it so well for so long, it just comes easy. Or… On the other hand, maybe we’re so good at it, we make it look easy, when it’s really not. Awards? We have ‘em ! I can’t remember them all but I know that our “Every club needs a Bob” guy won some more. We have an award winning newsletter and even though Stan refuses to take the credit, the rest of us know better. Members of the Contest Team continue to impress us by winning awards in various contests. There are other awards that I can’t recall right now. You guys and gals know who you are. Hats off !!! Our meeting presentations are always interesting, despite El Presidenté nodding off. Once in a while I hear stories of in-fighting in other ham clubs and ham organizations. I’m talking about real petty, childish stuff, like “I’m gonna take my radio and go home” behavior. I find this hard to believe but it does go on. And it’s not like hams are making money at this so I guess it has to be people’s ego getting in the way. I’m happy to say that we don’t have problems like that in our club. For the future, just keep doing what you’re doing and DELARA life will be great. Well, that’s it for February. I hope to see you all at the meeting but if not, then next month at The Palacio. Remember that The DELARA Grub Team will meet at The Corner Café between 5:45 and 6 PM on meeting night. Just tell the nice lady you’re with the ham radio club.

What for it you said instructing this notice was?

Craig, W8CR, bought something. Yup- didn’t have to slink out of the store, dodge that security buzzer or anything! Along with the receipt came this heartfelt, informative discourse on the care and feeding of his new product. After reading, and scratching his head, he thought perhaps we would all get a tickle out of trying to guess just what, exactly, it was that he purchased, based on the information so carefully included in the following message. Craig says there is a really great, first class, happy-dance prize awaiting the first correct guess at what this product might be. Send your guesses to newsletter@k8es.org by clicking the link. As with all pictures on our site, click to enlarge.
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