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You’re reading the June DELARA News!

DELARA News is published on the web as the monthly newsletter of the Delaware Amateur Radio Association in Delaware, Ohio. 
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delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 35  NUMBER 5

From the Desk of Kilo-8-Mister-


El Presidenté’s Words of Wisdom…In a perfect world...

1) Hams could live in free space. The benefits of having antennas behave “By the Book” would greatly out-weigh any possible environmental hazards.   2) Hams choosing not to live in free space would have anti-gravity suits, making antenna installations a piece of cake. 3) The Dayton Hamvention would be held in a domed stadium. 4) Call-sign license plates would be free. 5) Sporadic E-Skip would be replaced by Consistent E-Skip. 6) Field Day weather would never again be a topic for discussion. 7) Solar flares would never occur during a contest or DXpedition. 8) The eleven-year sun spot cycle would be ten years shorter. 9) Hams could go back in time for one weekend to operate the contest of their choice during the super-duper solar cycle of the 1950's. 10) All power lines would be under ground.

The ‘heart’ of DELARA

Here it is June again!  Everybody’s engaged in favorite pastimes- antennas, outside recreation, anything you do regularly that is fulfilling. For DELARA, it’s time for what has become our premier activity: Field Day. On our Field Day page, we’ll recap the arrangements as we have them (with some potential to change) and we’ll take a look at our history and the history of Field day! We plan to occupy our traditional spot: the beautiful Scioto Township Park just west of Delaware on Rt. 36. The trustees have kept this park beautiful and it’s easy to see a peaceful, contemplative stroll as a means of achieving some peace and quiet in our lives. But THIS weekend, it’s even easier to see a gathering of talented, interesting people who’ve come together to have a great weekend in the hobby they love. And, not to be forgotten, to engage in a national emergency communications exercise that could become the backbone of the nation if it all goes down. You should plan to participate!  Even if you drop by for a couple hours (I highly recommend the dinner hours on Saturday for Chef Tim’s Roast Pig) you’ll be greeted by your friends in the hobby, and your family in this great organization!
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