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What other clubs are doing John Myers, KD8MQ Affiliated Clubs Coordinator NVIS Antenna Test – So, did your club participate in the ARES NVIS Antenna Test? Wow, what a day that was! You’ll read more about it elsewhere in the OSJ, but I everyone got out, and played. My local club learned a lot about how to deal with Mr. Murphy. They did finally get on the air, but were not prepared for the switch to 75 Meters. That won’t happen to them next year. I was able to make a contact or two from the mobile while I was on my way to Chillicothe. Conditions on 40 were not great from my location.  Next year will be much better. I didn’t know about the switch to 80 until later that evening. Jackson & Athens Hamfests – This was also the time of year for my annual trip to Southern Ohio for the Jackson & Athens Hamfests. It’s always a great trip. This was my second trip to Jackson, and it was again enjoyable. They have a very friendly crowd.  There. I had a good time rag-chewing, and talking with some of the NPOTA Peeps who were in attendance. Athens was a bit smaller than last year, but still well worth the trip. We had a full house at the ARRL Table with a section Manager, two assistant section Managers, and me. We even had a visit from Frank Piper, the former section Manager. What a day! NPOTA – If your club is planning to do any activating for National Parks On The air, don’t forget to register your Callsign with LoTW (Assuming that you haven’t already). A couple of local clubs are already planning to activate nearby NPS Units. Field Day – It’s coming up quickly folks. If you haven’t read the rules, please do so. There are a couple of new bonus points categories this year. (1) Social Media and (2) Safety Officer. Speaking of Field Day, here’s an idea I filed away from last year. The Clallam County ARC (http://www.olyham.net/) out in Western Washington offers the following ticket to folks who get on the air at the Get On The Air station. I think it’s a cool idea! Give some kind of incentive to get willing participants at Field Day. One of my greatest memories of Field Day was the year that we hosted a pig roast at the Field Day site. The local mayor came out and presented our proclamation in person, and a good time was had by all. One last thing – to all you Field day Chair people, please don’t forget to get your site registered on the ARRL Field Day station Locator page. You can find it at www.arrl.org/field-day-locator. This is one way (hopefully not the only way) that folks find you.
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John Ross, KD8IDJ NEWSLETTER DEADLINE...SHORT! There is still time, but the deadline for the 2016 Ohio Section Newsletter Contest is getting closer...one more month...June 30th! All entries need to be in by the end of June...you need two...but everything that gets to me by midnight June 30th will be in. I've alerted the judges that again this year they have a tough job ahead. Each year the newsletters keep getting better (I knew they would!) and it will be tough to pick the best. But they are ready and we will begin the process right before the 4th of July. Call or email with any last minute questions or concerns...and good luck to everyone. We'll present the awards in August. WOW….HAM-VETS WOW! Last month I asked for amateur radio operators who were also Veterans to shoot me a quick email. My mail box almost instantly blew up! Here's what I received almost as soon as the Ohio Section newsletter hit the air. THANKS for your service! WB5CVA Army 1968-70 K8VCE Navy K8AOK, U. S. Air Force KD8YZC USMC; 1984 to 1989 KC8SBB ARMY/Army Reserve 22 1/2 Years W8HGW Army WD8RIF Ohio Air National Guard, retired WB8TCB United States Air Force KB8DNA U.S. Air Force K8AZW Herb also MARS AFA5DY WN8IIJ-Air Force KD8OCW - USAF K6HRU US Navy KE8DRH (K8GEH applied for) Air Force W8VFP Army Things I Didn't Know...Morse Code Club Just when I thought I knew it all, I got a wakeup call when I read an article in the West Park Radiops Amateur Radio Club May newsletter. There is an official Morse Telegraph Club!  It was founded in 1943 to perpetuate the history of telegraphy. Its membership consists of retired railroad and commercial telegraphers, former telegraph industry employees, radio operators and others with an interest in the history of telegraphy. Their newsletter is "Dots and Dashes" and they have website:   www.morsetelegraphclub.org Check it out...very interesting...and my membership application is already in. If you're keeping up with my personal life. You might remember my Great Grandfather was a railroad telegrapher and one of the first graduates of a special school in Ohio that taught Morse Code. Things I Did Know…RTTY club I found a great RTTY club the other day:   RTTY.COM This club is out of Auburn, Washington and they have a nice website and some YouTube videos. Take a look if you interested in the RTTY stuff...here's an address if you want contact them: George B. Hutchison, W7KSJ 11224 S. E. 320th Street Auburn, Washington  98092- 4832 Jim Leonard WD8MRT SK Sad and difficult news to report this month....the unexpected passing of Jim Leonard, WD8MRT on May 1st. Jim as a good personal friend and a great supporter and advocate of amateur radio. I worked with him when he was Executive Director of Disaster Services for the Red Cross here in Columbus and we shared may great ham radio moments and stories. If you've ever been to the Columbus Hamfest at the old Aladdin Shrine on Steltzer Road, Jim the guy manning the prize drum. He was also an important part of helping the Ohio Section get ready for our yearly meetings. I looked forward to seeing every year and catching up. Jim once told me his call sign was easy to remember, "MRT...Mister T...just like the character on the A-Team TV show." Jim was laid to rest on Monday May 9th in New Knoxville following a Masonic Ceremony at the Springfield Masonic Home. 73 Jim.
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