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Donn Rooks, K8AOK Delaware County Emergency Coordinator

Say “Thanks!”

We Americans have a rich history , one that started well before the Declaration of Independence of 1776 and extends right up to this moment in time.  And we have a long memory recognizing those who came before us to give selflessly for the freedoms we've enjoyed and would like to retain. Our collective memory includes pausing to remember those who died to preserve those rights.  We call it Memorial Day, one day a year set aside to memorialize those who died in combat in all the wars America has fought. Fought to create this nation, fought to preserve it, and fought to release other people and nations from tyranny.  Only two of our many holidays are uniquely dedicated to remember some who died, Memorial Day and Good Friday. The one for those who helped save a nation and the other for Him who came to save mankind immediately followed by Easter as the first of what will be many to rise from the dead. I have not experienced the misfortune of personally knowing anyone who died in combat but do know many who served. Some who served in WWII, some in Vietnam and others in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Many of them lost friends and Memorial Day is deeply personal.  To all who served and serve our country I join with the national chorus to say thank you and to those in DELARA and our ARES group (a Korean War vet, Vietnam vets and other vets). Memorial Day is also a time to thank the living who served.  Whether its military service or public service as a law enforcement officer, fireman or EMS professional.  They all chose to serve doing jobs many would rather not do, keeping the peace and keeping us safe.  ARES is a form of service too as we voluntarily give our time and equipment to assisting the peace keepers and safety providers. If you haven't done so yet, thank the next vet you see, the next police officer or Sheriff's Deputy, the next fireman or EMS team member. Ohio ARES

Stan Broadway, N8BHL

Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator

It Gets Real – Real Fast!

We practice, hopefully we train and exercise. But “When’s the last time we were needed?” In one week, actually just a couple days, amateur radio was activated for two short-fuse incidents in areas close by. These were quick-response incidents and presented the opportunity for amateur radio to be right in the middle of things.  It also reinforced our attention to working together. My friend Cecil Dennis, K4TCD is SEC for Kentucky.  Because we have a very close working relationship especially around Cincinnati, he included us in an alert: “I have be called and advised by Glenn Allen WA4YPQ ASEC Region 2 that communicators are need for a Search and Rescue of a down plane btw Falls of Rough in Grayson County and Owensboro Regional Airport. Anyone that can assist in this please contact Glenn Allen.  Search will begin at 8AM CST” A police statement says pilot Dr. Robert C. Dalzell Jr. left the Owensboro Regional Airport on Monday morning and landed at Falls of Rough in Grayson County about 35 minutes later. The statement says he departed later from the Falls of Rough, but never returned to the Owensboro airport.   Robert Dalzell, Jr. (Photo Courtesy: Kentucky State Police) Kentucky State Police say his last cellphone activity showed him within 5 miles of the Falls of Rough airport. Police are asking those near Falls of Rough to keep an eye out. Police say the 70-year-old Dalzell of Owensboro was flying a 2012 Green Aero Criquit Bogota fixed wing plane with a tail number of N429BB.  




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Reminder: Statewide tornado drill March 5
  Unfortunately, the search ended the next day when a private helicopter spotted debris from the crashed and burned aircraft in a densely wooded area. Just a day later, Ohio ARES volunteers in Warren County were heated up for a missing person search: Warren County EMA looking for civilian volunteers for critical missing person search in Franklin. Command post is at 230 Industrial Rd. Search will run till dark then reassess. Please poll your groups and email: allenra@mcohio.org with headcount. This search fortunately was a quick success, the missing person was found later that day at the University of Dayton campus. I don’t have more details on the nature of the case. Here are my take-away points from these: Amateur Radio emergency Service should be an integral part of responding to real emergencies.  If you are focused on “spandex” events, you’re missing the whole purpose. ARES members must be READY at all times!   When ARES is activated for real emergencies, we will most likely be needed immediately!  We can’t plan ahead, we can’t make several rounds of phone calls trying to convince lethargic members to actually get involved. We all need to be ready – and yes – WILLING to get involved. For large-scale emergencies, this area of the country is b-o-r-i-n-g.  As a resident, that’s a good thing. But as ARES, it’s a problem because we too easily fall into the “It’ll never happen here” syndrome.  Yes, it’s a shock but MARCS and other public service systems, telephone and internet WILL fail. When ARES is activated, that lethargy leaves us unprepared, untrained, and embarrassed. Emergencies that require amateur radio CAN happen here, in any of our counties at any time. Missing people, storms and related damage, flooding, wind events, power and communications outages - these can all be opportunities to show that amateur radio is a viable communication and volunteer backup for our communities. But this will only work out well if you are ready! It’s getting “really real” in Ohio! We brace for July, which included the NAACP National Conference in Cincinnati (with the Prez, Hillary, and a cast of others invited). At the same time Pan Ohio Hope Ride gets underway from downtown Cincy moving through the state to Cleveland.  EC Bryan Hoffman and all the district folks will have their hands full!!  (And they’ll need help!)  That weekend, Toledo and Northwest Ohio hams get a workout with the Toledo Air Show – and 100,000 of their closest fans – at the same time as the Lucas County Fair. Later that week, the “Big One”…the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Planning at the highest Federal security levels has been going on for months. And amateur radio (because operators there are solid with the required FEMA courses including a couple extras) is going to be there. The station at the Cuyahoga County EOC, and several other county EOC’s will be active for the duration. Red Cross activity in the area also portends to use several ham operators and stations. Through these activities, the Sarge will be manned with the Ohio EOC in full swing. ….and who was it said this part of the country was boring?? There is time for you to get involved in most of these- contact your EC or the various county EC’s involved and let them know you’re 1) trained 2) available and 3) willing!  We’re way past “Let someone else do it!” It’s time for YOU to get involved, or re-involved with amateur radio’s service to our state and our community.  
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