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delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 35  NUMBER 5

DELARA History

30 years ago -  June 1986

Fred Osterman (Universal Radio) presented a program on SWL-ing.  Hands Across America was summarized.

20 years ago -  June 1996

A revised set of bylaws was published in the newsletter.  Field Day planning was underway.

10 years ago - June 2006

The program was Field Day, of course.


Why, thanks to Bob, N8OB, we get a look into the past with none other than Gary and Sandy Mackey! On the E-mail reflector, Sandy said, “OMG! Gary was 17 and I was 15, he just had his wisdom teeth out.  Haha! 1977.” Flash forward to more recent times, and see where she sends Gary to sit in the corner.
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On the Web

Here are the latest counts for www.k8es.org. We’re getting seen, and recognized as a great amateur radio club!   Page Loads Unique Visits   First Time Visits Returning Visits Total 305 250 144 106 Average   10      8    5    3

Wanted / For Sale

For Sale: Yaesu FT-920  100 watts, all bands 160-6 meters. Includes original mic, user manual and technical manual.   Inrad filters added: 6 KHz AM, 1.8 KHz SSB, 250 Hz CW. Original boxes. Includes optional home-brew external scan and ptt box (inline with mic). Typically $850 on Internet.  Sell for $750. Bob W8ERD For Sale: Like new Heil Pro Topless Mic Boom - PL-2T. The only sign of wear is where the base of the boom slides into the C-Clamp base the paint is slightly worn from moving the mic boom back and forth. This was selling for $130 at Heil display in Audio Alley. I found them selling for $115 online. This can be yours for only $80. I have the box and paper work.  I also have the optional Heil Flange Mount FL-2 that I found online for $25 that I'm asking $15. Again, I have box and paper work. Gary, KE8O
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