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delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 35  NUMBER 5

Field Day

Get Ready - It’s coming! It’s coming!   June 24- 26 2016

Our F.D. management team has met we’ve ‘penciled in’ the following particulars: We plan to stay with our traditional 4A category. We plan to stay with the Scioto Township Park- a beautiful facility (more so when it’s NOT doing a monsoon!) Chief Chef, Pig-man Tim has confirmed not only his ‘rolling zip code’ palace for GOTA but has confirmed that he will put out another great, tasty, smoked Pig dinner! More on that at the meeting. We have a ‘dry’ and a ‘wet’ antenna plan, especially as it relates to getting the mobile tower out of Dale’s yard.  We would like to have at least TWO antennas per station- something we can switch back and forth to gain more coverage! So if you have a particular antenna you think will work, get with Dale, W8KTQ who is our ‘Antenna Guy” ...that’s guy like ham-radio-dude rather than guy-wire. Nice pun, though. We should be good for radios, but we’ll work that out at the meeting, or after. WE NEED YOU!!  We need everyone possible to operate! The way we beat those guys down south, is by keeping butts-in-seats and by calling CQ!  That has been proven to be the winning combination, and we trust it’ll work again!  Of course, the overnight hours are the segments that go hurting for operators, so if you’re a night owl, do we have a seat for YOU!!  We need help from Friday to set up the stations, and don’t forget to stick around Sunday to help with the teardown. This is a fun event!! It’s a chance to fellowship, enjoy the weekend, and partake in some really great food!  But, its also a contest and we need to step up to beat that team from the south coast this year! 
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