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March 2016


You’re reading the March DELARA News!

DELARA News is published on the web as the monthly newsletter of the Delaware Amateur Radio Association in Delaware, Ohio. 
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delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 35  NUMBER 3

“Praeses ait: Idus Martias caveret”

(The President says: Beware the Ides of March)

Welcome to March everyone. Whenever this month rolls around, I think back to my 12th grade English lit class and Shakespeare and the fortune teller’s warning to Julius Caesar. March 15th (The Ides of March) is the day historians recognize as the day of Caesar’s assassination. Ironically, he had been named dictator perpetuo (“Dictator forever”) by the Roman senate shortly before his death. I guess politics really is a dirty game and fame really is fleeting. I have no such warning for our club members. However, while refreshing my memories of the events surrounding Julius Caesar’s death, I did find other notable events that occurred on March 15th. In 1360, French raiders went on a pillage and plunder spree in southern England. King Edward III had to interrupt his own pillaging spree in France to counter-attack the French bad guys. “What goes around comes around.” In 1889, a cyclone hit Samoa and wrecked three American and three German ships which were harbored there. 200 sailors were lost. Both sides were there as a show of force to see who would annex the islands. There’s good news though. The storm probably prevented a war. In 1917, Czar Nicholas II abdicated his throne. Sixteen months later, he and his family were executed by a firing squad. This ended the 300-plus year Romanov dynasty and ushered in mob rule by the Bolsheviks. A note to Bernie-backers: Be careful for what you wish for. In 1939, Germany occupied Czechoslovakia. Just six months previously, the Czech leaders had given Hitler the Sudetenland. With Bohemia and Moravia now in his hands, Czechoslovakia was basically off the map. Never try to appease bad guys. In 1952, Reunion Island received a record-setting 73.62 inches of rain in a 24-hour period. Makes me wonder though: Who would have a rain gauge that big? In 1971, rumors emerge that CBS will cancel the Ed Sullivan show. They had dumped Red Skelton and Jackie Gleason a month before. DUMB !!! Or maybe not: People now pay money for the DVDs…. OK, enough history. By the way, our March meeting falls on “The Ides plus 1”, so we’re safe. The Grub-Gang will be eating at The Corner Café before the meeting. Same time as usual. I hope to see you all that evening, but if not, then next month at José’s Palacio.

What’s going on?

I hope you know that the DELARA and DELARES calendar dates are posted on the websites.  www.k8es.org and www.delares.org.  But do you miss notices anyway?  Here’s a suggestion. The calendar is actually a Google Calendar.  The information is marked as public, so anyone can look at it. If you would like to integrate it with your own calendar program (Google, Outlook, whatever) you can search calendars for “ newsletter@k8es.org “ and include it automatically!   Any changes or updates we make to the original calendar are immediately reflected in your own calendar- and thus, you have instant access to all our club information!  Thanks to Mark, KE8CXF for testing that out!

And what was this thing?

Remember last month, when Craig, W8CR, offered this extremely lucid and knowledgeable treatment of user instructions for...something? Did you try? Well don’t feel badly because NOBODY guessed for what item these were written. Read them again, for fun. The answer:  AN UNDERSHIRT!    Really. Click for larger image
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