DELARA Helps Honor the Vets!

On Sunday, November 6, Delaware honored its Vets with the annual Veteran’s Day parade.  The city returned to having a parade a few years ago, and amateur radio has been a big part of managing the event. Members of DELARA and Delaware ARES staged along the route to help report the progress. A few were able to operate from their mobile units, like our Bob, W8ERD. And Grant, KD8UNQ, was able to use a temporary antenna on his three-wheeler at the north end of the parade.


The November 16 meeting will be held at

the Delaware Red Cross - 380 Hills-Miller

Rd, regular time.

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November 2016


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delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 35  NUMBER 11

Hola from El Presidenté’s Crib

This month’s meeting is our annual Give-away night and our annual business meeting. It will be held at the Red Cross building on Hills-Miller Rd. As most of you know, the membership voted to hold our DELARA meetings at the Red Cross building going forward. The Grub Team was unable to reach a consensus on a new dinner location. For the November meeting, we will be eating at El Vaquero’s. Perhaps we can find and agree on a place closer to the Red Cross. Bring your ideas to the meeting and we’ll discuss it. I will make our reservation for 5:45. El Vaquero’s is at 259 S Sandusky. Go east on Wootring St. to get to their parking lot. Here’s a refresher on the Give-away guidelines: The idea is to give away extra stuff that you don’t need anymore. Items that are just sitting around gathering dust are good candidates. Things you bring should be in working condition. If not, please announce it as “A Project” item so the recipient knows what he or she is in for. You don’t have to bring something to be able to take something home. It’s not a gift exchange. (It’s more like a free-for-all) If you bring an item that doesn’t get claimed, please take it back home. Finally, if there’s a story behind something you bring, we’d love to hear it. Embellishment is encouraged! Regarding the business part of the meeting, the high-light will be the election of a new El Presidenté and possibly a new El Secretary/Treasurer and/or a new El Vice Presidenté. Please put some serious thought into your nominations for these offices. Our After-the-Holidays-Holiday-party will be on Saturday, January 7th at… You guessed it… The Red Cross building. Traditionally, the club provides the meat, (ham of course) and everyone brings a side-dish. We’ll need someone to coordinate the event, along with a set-up crew. Linda and I have done it before and can offer advice and assistance. Plan on arriving at 5:00 PM and we’ll eat at 5:30. See you all at the meeting!
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