Ed, K8MEJ zsnf fhis great picture. Says Joe, too bad there was a lake and trees to clutter it up! Nice work, Ed!

DELARA testing report

Gary (and Sandy) put a lot of time and energy into spreading our hobby- through the VE testing program. Here are the numbers for this past year: January 2016              14 applicants      21 elements April 2016                   14 applicants      23 elements June 2016                   13 applicants      20 elements September 2016          13 applicants      14 elements  Totals                         54                       78   So for 2016 the DELARA VE Team administered a total of 78 exams and helped 54 people get their initial license or upgrade.


The October 19 meeting will be held at the

Delaware Red Cross - 380 Hills-Miller Rd,

regular time.

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October 2016


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Hola from El Presidenté’s Crib

Planning Ahead….

November: The November meeting is a combination of our annual business meeting and our annual give- away night. The main event that night will be a fifteen-round, no-holds-barred bout for the office of club president. The under-card features two twelve-rounders, with our current club VP and secretary- treasurer, both title-holders, being challenged by fighters yet to be determined. As club members, your job is to nominate both participants in the featured event and the challengers in the preliminaries. Historically, these bouts don’t last past one round. Give-Away Night has a few ground rules. Well, more like ground-guidelines: The idea is to give away extra stuff that you don’t need anymore. Items that are just sitting around gathering dust are good candidates. Things you bring should be in working condition. If not, please announce it as “A Project” item so the recipient knows what he or she is in for. You don’t have to bring something to be able to take something home. It’s not a gift exchange. (It’s more like a free-for-all) If you bring an item that doesn’t get claimed, please take it back home. Finally, if there’s a story behind something you bring, we’d love to hear it. Embellishment is encouraged! Further down the road is our annual After-the-Holidays Holiday Party. Since we now have access to the Red Cross building, I took the liberty of reserving it for Saturday, January 7th. If that is not satisfactory to everyone, we can always cancel that and have it somewhere else. If we do use the Red Cross building, it would mean going back to a ham and side-dishes meal, which is OK with me. Or we could have it catered. I think we’ll get better food if we do it our old pot-luck style. We’ll kick it around at the October meeting. I hope to see you all there!
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