A K8ES Wish List! 

As you can imagine, just starting our new station creates the need for many items, large and small. This is where YOU come in!  Please read the list carefully, check your ‘stash’ and see if there is anything there you would feel good about having DELARA members use. Any questions, ask Donn or myself! We need one section of Rohn 25G tower 4 Operator chairs on loan (pending grant funding if approved for new) a 20 and/or 30 amp power supply Antenna tuner o we have one LDG, will need one or two smaller ones Several computer monitors  o Plans to dual-monitor at least two PC PC’s - desk or laptop o We have XP machines that work. If you have newer, we could use them! It would be nice to have an antenna patch panel of some type (4 HF rigs, maybe 4 antennas?) House-bracket for securing a tower Coax (LMR 400 or similar) Headsets  (Kenwood 530, 120, 430) Larger world radio map Large cork board Dry erase board or melanin panels Rope for loop antennas and other wires in the air Large Ohio wall map VHF/UHF antenna(s) If after the open house you think of something we’ve missed, let us know!  We have some really great station designers in our club and we value your suggestions!


The September 21 meeting will be held at

the Delaware Red Cross - 380 Hills-Miller

Rd, regular time.

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September 2016


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delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 35  NUMBER 8

A DELARA Open House!

We’ve been working diligently since taking possession of our dedicated DELARA Amateur Radio Room at the “ARC” - the Delaware American Red Cross building on Hills-Miller road. Now, we’re at least far enough along to throw a party! You are invited as we hold our September meeting at the facility, instead of the usual location at Tri-Township Fire. The meeting is set for our usual third Wednesday, September 21. It will start at 7:30. We have cleaned the carpets, and pulled the existing two-meter antenna and the Red Cross’s antenna into our room.  Ken spent the better part of a whole day in the heat, pulling weeds and cleaning up the outside of the building. We have created a four-position operating station, with positions for three HF stations and one dedicated ARES/Dual Band station. Additional two-meter radios can be used at the other stations. This is designed to fill the requirements in the ARES Section Emergency Response Plan as a “County Control Station” - the hub for radio traffic in an emergency or large event.  Plans are to mount a large county map, and have additional maps on which we can draw and make notes during events. We have older “XP” desktop computers for each station, but could really use newer processors and more monitors...but it’s a start!  We have a small grant request in to Wal-Mart that will fund new office chairs, not sure of the time frame for that.  We are working on tower and beam for the higher HF bands which will round out our capabilities for contests and general operating. We hope to have some wire antennas in the sky prior to the meeting, but planning continues so that we do it right the first time. We have put together a “Wish List” and we hope you’ll read this carefully- check your supplies and shacks to see if you have any of these things for the radio station!  We welcome your ideas and suggestions, after visiting the station during the meeting! And once it’s fully functional, we welcome club members to USE IT!!  Have a contest coming up?  Want to expand your DX listings? It’s all possible right here. This is an exciting time for DELARA, as we enter a new phase of our great club!
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