FCC Relaxes Callsign Requirements

We’re receiving word at press time that the United States State Department has delivered a stern document through the United Nations aimed at the IARU, withdrawing from all previous agreements regarding callsign allocation.  “In keeping with the Administration’s direction to remove unnecessary regulations and those international agreements that do not put ‘America First’ the United States hereby withdraws from all documents whether signed or understood that would limit our ability to assign callsigns in the Amateur Radio Service.” While this will undoubtedly create a rush of business for the FCC, officials of that division don’t anticipate any problems, because they have recently upgraded their data management software to span a network of three Radio Shack Color Computers. IT directors assured the Commission that would be more than sufficient to take their data processing into the next two years. Acting immediately upon hearing of this development, our club president Joe, ex-W8JPF, now ex-AA8TA, pulled to the side of Rt. 23, and successfully petitioned for his brand new, high-speed contest-friendly callsign:  EE5E. Joe claims that each time he sends the new call (based on a constant speed of 35WPM at a QSO rate of 160/hr) he saves .05 seconds per call. Over the period of a 24-hour contest, that will allow him an additional 1,920 seconds, or a whopping 32 full minutes in which to make more contacts! We understand but cannot confirm that under the same approach that companies take with registering Internet name variants, he has also reserved I5E, E5EEE and E5S callsigns under the new multiple-identity provision in case contacts log something other than EE5E on their logs. - N8BHL

April 2017


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..that is, son, the April I say April edition.  We have a tradition of taking April 1st WAY over the edge! So much so that ~real~ stories are noted. Have fun, and don’t believe everything you read!! 
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The Prez’s Shack

Since becoming president of this great club, a disturbing development has come to my attention.  Thanks to a tip received from a “friend” of the club who now lives in Washington, D.C., I have become aware of efforts to flip some of our high-profile contesters.  I won’t name the other clubs attempting this (except that one’s name begins with H and their state begins with A and another is based in northern Ohio) but suffice it to say that I must be vigilant to protect our good reputation concerning Field Day and the Ohio QSO Party. Therefore, I am working with certain university-based laboratories to deploy intercept devices to identify and pro-actively deal with interference from outside groups with our valued members.  Needless to say, we are skating on thin legal ice here so I cannot go into great details.  But I will say, please be careful about clicking on links containing certificates that you supposedly won for contests that you did not even enter.  This is a classic way of installing viruses that can secretly change the name of the club in your contest logs from “DELARA Contest Team” to the name of a competing club.  Please be careful. OK, the above may or not be true.  If you know me with any degree of certainty, you’ll know which way that leans.  I do encourage you to pay attention to the club’s email reflector.  As we head into the warmer months, many things will be happening.  The ARES group will need volunteers to help out with various events, the VE testing team will be holding test sessions and have other things going on, Field Day, our regular monthly meetings, various operating event, the list goes on and on.  This is a busy, active club and there’s more late-breaking news that develops that cannot all be placed in this newsletter.  The email reflector isn’t restricted strictly to club news (even if some people might wish it to be) so please at least scan the subject headings before tossing the message.  If you do have an announcement directly related to the club, please be clear about that in your subject line. If you are on Facebook, check out the Delaware Amateur Radio Association on Facebook.  We are trying to increase our outreach with announcements and pictures via this channel.  Your help with announcements and especially pictures of club-based activities is appreciated.  See Stan, N8BHL, or me about that. We look forward to seeing you at our monthly meeting on Wednesday, April 19, 7:30 p.m. at the Delaware Red Cross, 380 Hills-Miller Rd.  That’s no bull so come on out.  Visitors and guests are always welcome.  The DELARA Hungry Hams will meet at TBD (you’ll have to read your email to find out). GL es 73 de Joe AA8TA
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