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Bob Dixon, W8ERD (Pinch-hitting this month: John Beal, W8NX)
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(Real article) Thanks to Ken, W8RUT, we now have a brand new Network Attached Storage (NAS) computer system on line on the mesh network! Its main purpose is to provide shared access file storage and a means of sharing data between nodes.  It also provides a way to document mesh settings/configurations, provides on-line AREDN software and documentation, video recording, multimedia storage etc. etc. You can find the NAS on the mesh on my W8NX-T2 node. Its name is “MeshStore.local.mesh”. Here’s a link:   http://meshstore.local.mesh  or you can just click on the “MeshStore” Service under the W8NX-T2 node. In either case you should see the login screen:        The user name is: N8DCA  (all caps)      The password is: 24mesh   (all lower case) There are two ways to access the NAS.       #1 – By going to or clicking on the URL as above. (full access)             To gain access to the files, click on the “File Station”. Our files are in the Public\Share directory:                          You might want to read the QTS Help.  QTS is the NAS operating system.             Here’s another link:       #2 – The Second way to access is by mapping one of your local drive letters to the NAS, if you have a PC. (quicker for file access)                To setup #2, drive mapping:      1 - Right Click on the Computer Icon on your desktop and click “Map Network Drive”            Enter you choice of Drive Letter (We Suggest S:) and  \\MeshStore.local.mesh\Public\share            Check Reconnect at logon so you don’t have to enter all this again.            Click “Finish”        2 – You will be asked for a NAS username and password.            It’s the same as above.      3 – After a little while it should connect.      4 – Open a Windows Explorer, the Network Drive you added above should show up under Computer in the Explorer Tree.                  5 – You may now explore, read, write copy, paste, drag/drop etc. to the drive just like any other one on your computer.            You can even update a node’s firmware over the wireless network directly from the NAS!      6 – Be careful on deleting anything, THIS IS A SHARED DRIVE!            Bob: We may be able to connect the MAC.  I just don’t know yet. There is much more we can do with this!   But I suspect that’s enough for now. 73 – John – W8NX
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