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DELARA History

30 years ago -  April 1987

KV8Q on traffic handling. A major battle over 220 was won, and WM4T set a legal precedent in a tower case.

20 years ago -  April 1997

Field Trip!!!  Joe, K8MP showed off his new 160 doublet antenna.  

10 years ago -  April 2007

Bob talked about SETI, his (then) 20 year search for extraterrestrial intelligence entering a new phase. Tom KV8Q wrote about going to PEI. The club raffled a K8RA (SK) iambic paddle. (In case you all think our massive editorial staff is staid, all business and very adult-- try this inter- office email! - Ed) Aye 'n' tis tae th' proofer 'n' ye'll hae it th'morra laird willing 'n' th' creek dinnae rise...the yin in th' picture...not th' indians. And remember...always pay attention to your surroundings! And finally...Christmas is coming, and I only want one thing! - Wally, W8WLK
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Something Tells Me…

(Real article) …It’s going to be a busy weather season this year. We’re already experiencing fatalities in the south, and we’ve had unusually early tornado warnings in our parts. At the end of March, the Delaware County HS/EMA and NWS joined together to stage this year’s weather spotter refresher. It was a big success, with a large crowd. The presenters were very good, and the location much better for such a meeting. Sandy, N8YS, sends this picture of county EC Donn Rooks, K8AOK, addressing the group about amateur radio’s role in keeping our area safe. Remember to have your weather-alert radio on and  ready! Also, it’s extremely important to participate in the Central Ohio Severe Weather Net, on the 146.76  (123 tone) repeater system. The best thing to do is ~listen~ but be ready to watch and report any threat you see!  The NWS depends on us to be eyes on the ground! Remember, too, that ARES plans have operators on-air locally to funnel information to DELCOM and county officials, and immediately activate as ARES should something hit our county.   ALWAYS LISTEN on 145.17 and 145.19 REPEATERS FOR ACTIVATION INFORMATION!

Get the Warning!

Delaware County EMA has announced a new text and phone alerting system, based on Everbridge technology. You create a login and enter multiple locations for which you wish to be notified. They will then text/call/email for Shelter/Ecav, Missing, Other emergencies as well as nine weather alerts.  This system replaces “Code Red” which was phased out. Here’s the link to sign up: 


This is an interesting mesh demo by the Dallas Amateur Radio Club. The first few minutes can be skipped. (It's ads) part-1/
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