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DELARA Contest Team

A New Uber-QRP Contest!

We’re receiving word of a new contest being planned for spring of 2018.  Indications are that this contest, if initial designs are followed, could be the ultimate contest, a contest that will eclipse every other operating event, relegating the rest of the crowd to a mere “event.” This is a contest designed to eliminate the “My tower’s bigger than yours” syndrome which has brought about mighty investments by those serious contesters in hardware and amps.  It is a contest designed to even the score with the 84WPM cw wizards who can work un-worldly rates but only with those capable of these ultimate speeds (a snobby group if there ever was one!).  And finally, it actually transcends the limitations of license class, language, E, F, G-through-M ionospheric layering. Even the XYL’s “Take me shopping” directive can be successfully overcome in this contest! Throughout the planning stages, the planning committee, pouring over their planning documents, was overwrought with the myriad set of issues to overcome. How, indeed, does one emerge superior to create a limitless, classless success ~without~ resorting to a “participated” trophy for all? It must be noted that the above was tested: why not just skip the whole thing, send ~everyone~ a nice piece of wallpaper for “participating” and call it a day?  Well, cooler heads prevailed and decided this would not address the basic requirement for competition.  So from that, our new contest was formed: The Uber-QRP operating contest. This is SO QRP, that the greatest aspect is mental!   Check some of the preliminary rules: 1. In order to qualify for the contest output power must be below .000 milliwatts… most contestants will over-power their signals when a few random electrons stray across the finals. The proper rig configuration is:  NO antenna,  NO power, and the rig turned completely off and unplugged. A simple Chinese handheld can be used on ALL bands, so long as it is shut off. No programming required. 2. Logging: All stations provide the uniform contest signal report of 5NN, whether or not the other station can actually be heard…so signal reporting is irrelevant. Likewise, finding stations with skimming and spotting so prevalent makes accurate logging a sham. Our contest does NOT REQUIRE A FREQUENCY!  That’s right- a station can be worked, period. Doesn’t matter what band, how many times, what flavor, salt or pepper. A log only contains a callsign for each contact. Station callsigns must be within three alpha characters of the actual call- a “close” call is a good call! This eliminates the need to cross-check logs. 3. How it works:  An operator must use the infinitesimal radiated power of Thought. That’s right, a contestant can “Think” a contact, write down whatever callsign comes to his/her head, and move to the next contact!  In this fashion, the avid contester can compete while mowing the lawn, driving the Mrs. to her hair appointment, even ordering dinner at a nearby Waffle House.  Merely carry the logsheet with you, and keep accurate records of the contacts you “Think” you would have made. It’s that easy. 4. Scoring: A contact counts as 1.5 million points. A CW contact counts as 2.5 million points…each. Your ability to actually decode a CW signal is insignificant…remember, all you have to do it “Think” a contact!  Write down your score and send it in. No actual contact log is required…after all, we trust you. It’s a hobby. Who’d cheat on a fun event such as this?? 5. The winning “Thought up” score will be published on several occasions following the same rules of callsign: your call letters plus/minus 3 alpha’s.  That way several can claim bragging rights with the win. Planners have sent out for more planning software to confirm their early projections, but the goal is to launch the contest April 1, 2018 or, the next CQWW whichever comes first.
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