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Greetings fellow DELARA members.  Today, I am pleased to announce some significant enhancements for our great club. As you know, we have been building up our station consisting of HF and VHF/UHF radios over the last several months.  To support remote operation, commonality among all the equipment and maximum operator convenience, we have decided to replace all of the HF radios with Elecraft K3 transceivers and replace all of the computers with a rack-mounted server farm. In addition, we will be placing three 70-foot towers with M2 beam antennas and high-performance VHF/UHF antennas at the station.  These will be supported with heavy-duty rotators and the best coaxial and hard-line cable available. The computers will be high-end server types typically used in financial data centers that will easily run all of our ham radio software, including skimmers, and allow for remote access. You might wondering: how are we going to pay for this?  Just today I completed an agreement with a major apparel supplier which will give us a guaranteed revenue stream for the next 10 years. Here is where you all come in.  At our regular April meeting, we will have a representative of the apparel company present.  We will be outfitted with clothing that included shirts, pants, socks, shoes, caps and other accessories.  We must wear these outfits at all of our club meetings and functions. In addition, specially designed jerseys will be available for our Field Day participants to wear.  Replica jerseys will be made available for other members and their families and friends to buy.  High performers in certain Field Day categories will have their jerseys marketed on a national level. As part of this agreement, our DELARA clothing will include promotions for the apparel company, DELARA and various musical acts.  Each of us will be required to spend 5 hours per week in public places wearing at least the official club shirt.  Also, at each meeting, an approximately 10 minute video will be shown as a motivational program. I believe we are on firm legal ground with the FCC because we are not being paid to transmit messages.  While this may seem like a burden to some, it really will not be very onerous and the financial benefit to the club and its members will be substantial. (Uh, do you have calendar handy?)  Joe, AA8TA
DELARA Club Station Agreement  ((Note: a real article)) Use of the club station is limited to DELARA members who are current on their dues. If in doubt, ask!  The station manager’s names and phone numbers are posted on the station door. There is a lock box on the outside of the building to get a key to unlock the outside door and a keypad lock for the station door.  The keypad code will be changed periodically. Please be aware that a camera records people coming into or out of the station.  This is for security and is not designed to monitor your operating. Please attend an orientation session, or ask for a demonstration, before operating at the station. Codes for the doors are not to be shared with friends, family members or other non-DELARA members. Please announce your intention to use the station via the club’s email reflector so that others may plan around your intention. Operation of the stations must be within the bounds of your license. Please be extremely careful with drinks or food; food should be kept in the kitchen.  You are responsible for cleaning up your own mess. Please be aware that the Red Cross owns the building has much property in the building and respect for their property is expected.

Great News! A wonderful new rig for the station!

(A real story…really!) On your next trip through our station, take a gander at a special new addition to our station: a Yaesu FT-5000!  This contest-potent rig is at the top of the list on Yaesu’s product line, and it’s a proven contest rig.  What’s more, you may actually be able to operate this radio from the comfort of your own home!  Our Internet wizards are working up plans to see if this can be accomplished within the limited Internet service available to us from the ARC. Another great addition is a CW “skimmer” with the ability to find “CQ” and callsigns on all bands- great aide in a contest!   George, WD8KNC, has worked hard to make the IT side of the station come together!   Station 2 and 3 now are on both the local net  and the WIFI   net. I don't think Station  1 has a WIFI board. So the   computers can  see each other as well as getting to the  internet via WIFI.      The skimmer server now boots  up, loads all of the programs   and starts  them up. I had to put a long delay after it  started loading CW Skimmer to give it time to load. This  was   necessary so that I could auto start CW  Skimmer. So turn the   computer on then go  get a couple cups of coffee. I was able to change the control program so that it works in the background using telnet. This means that we can run N1MM on the server. I copied the new program to the zero machine via TeamViewer but I will have to go on site to upgrade the other ones. I also tested using my location as a cluster for FD. Works great. RemCtrlPlusl can easily be directed to my IP address so that we can control the skimmer and the telnet cluster in N1MM can  be connected to me as a HOST. I don't think the 30 mile distance between us will make a difference. Probably what I can hear you can hear.   Station 1,  2, 3 and the computer at the zero position have   the RemCrlPlus program so each computer can  control the   server skimmer.  The winkeyer is attached to the rig and is  working.     I loaded TeamViewer20 on the  server as well as on the zero   position  computer. So if you download TeamViewer20 on your   PC you will be able to remotely administer  those two   computers. TeamViewer is  awesome.  A large window comes up   which is  the remote  desktop. You can then do anything that  you could do if you were sitting in front of  the  computer.     So we now  need ports 7300 - 7306 opened up so that Larry can   get to the DX5000 via the web.         Each N1MM telnet window now has a new host  entry named ARC.   So instead of connecting  to you now   connect to ARC to  get spots from the server skimmer.      Thanks to George Bob and Dale for their investigative work. Now, i don’t know that he would like this attention, but if you notice there are TWO big Yaesu radios in our station that have come from the same place: the shack of Larry, N9AUG.  Larry, you have gone ‘way above and beyond, and we give you our sincere thanks!!!