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Will Hoffine,  N8TQU

Scioto Madtom (Noturus trautmani)

The Scioto Madtom was a species of fish endemic to Big Darby Creek in central Ohio. It was a small fish, about the size of a paper clip, belonging to the catfish family. They were discovered by ichthyologist Milton Trautman (for whom the species is named) and a colleague. There was only one known population of the species, of which only eighteen specimens were ever collected. All eighteen were found at Trautman's Riffle between 1943 and 1957, near State Route 104 in Pickaway County. The Scioto madtom are believed to be extinct, not having been found since. A U.S. Fish and Wildlife report in 2009 stated the fish's decline was probably caused by “modification of its habitat from siltation, suspended industrial effluents and agricultural runoff”. Wikipedia The Columbus Dispatch International Union for Conservation of Nature; Red List of Endangered Species
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