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One of the things that made this club attractive to me is that we have a lot of people who get on the air and use their radios.  After all, one does not need a license to listen to the ham bands, but if one has earned an amateur radio license, then one can transmit so why not do so? Field Day is our Number 1 activity where we put that into practice.  This month, we have another opportunity to exercise our privileges with the Ohio QSO Party.  This will be August 26, from noon until midnight, local time. Our club has done well in this event, both as a group and individually.  We invite you to join in.  You don’t have to be a big-time contester nor spend the entire 12 hours at it.  If you have not done much contesting, this is a good introduction.  It is somewhat low-key and is not as intense as the big DX contests.  We’ll talk about the Ohio QP, briefly, at our regular meeting. In other August news, the New Moon is August 21.  So, what, you say – there is a new moon every month.  Ah, but this time, the Moon will block out the Sun for a rare solar eclipse.  Here, in central Ohio, the Sun will be 85% covered by the Moon (caution: you’ll need solar filters for your eyes).  The path of totality will pass through Tennessee, among other states.  There is even an amateur radio connection as groups will try to study propagation on that day. And you thought August was just about going back to school! Our next meeting is August 16, 7:30 p.m. at the Delaware Red Cross, 380 Hills-Miller Road.  The dinner crew will meet at the Corner Café, 535 Sunbury Road.  Both events are open to everyone; you don’t even need a license.  See you there! 73 de Joe, AA8TA New Callsign will be heard During exercises and ARES-oriented events, you’ll be hearing a new callsign on the air:  W8DCE.  This new callsign has been given to the Delaware County HS/EMA!  Director Sean Miller, KD8RBM, tells Donn that this will allow us to readily recognize the EOC station!

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The Ironman, 2017

On July 30th weekend, nearly 2,000 athletes tested themselves by entering the 2017 Ironman 70.3 triathlon in Delaware.  Using their experience gained during last year’s Ironman, safety agencies, public service groups and volunteers gathered to support this year’s expanded event.  Amateur Radio was right in the midst! ARES volunteers from Delaware, Marion, Franklin and Union counties all participated.  The beach coverage was by Delaware. The bicycle coverage was primarily Marion ARES (with 8 volunteers) and the run and finish were covered by Delaware (with 10 volunteers). Net control was operated from the club station at the ARC, and radio and MESH video were located at OWU’s Meeks Natatorium building along with event command.  EC Donn Rooks reports that including the extensive research and testing time put in by our MESH group, we logged at least 330 hours to carry our part of the event. Of course, traffic in Delaware was significantly affected by the street closures, but it didn’t take long to get things back in order. There were a few injuries and a handful were transported to area hospitals but the vast majority of the athletes were very satisfied with the event. Ironman officials told is that while a few of their events were reduced in size this year, Delaware was growing significantly, and they were already looking forward to a return next year! Bob Dixon has a writup about MESH in his column. this is a video from Ohio Health  THANKS to all who worked!  

August 2017


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