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Donn Rooks, K8AOK Delaware County Emergency Coordinator

 Politics or Personalities

Since Cain and Able there have been conflicts, not just the epic conflicts leading to war, but personal conflicts.  For instance, at one time or another we've all had a boss we just couldn't get along with or simply didn't like.  Why didn't we care for him or her, well you fill in the blank as there are as many reasons as there are people. The same is true in our personal lives, outside of work and family.  We've found ourselves around someone we didn't think was the best person to lead a project or do a task.  We weren't being paid to be there or help and the leaders weren't either, we all volunteered.  The question I sometimes have to ask myself, is it because of a personality clash or politics?  I'm not being paid to do this, I didn't even really apply. I  joined in because it looked interesting and I thought I could help and learn some new things.  I really  don't know some of these people but here's an opportunity to make some new friends and have some fun too. Then someone complains the he or she campaigned to get the title and lead others. That's politics at its worst, kinda like what happens in Washington.  Do you know for a fact that is the truth or are you taking someones word for it.  Tough question that needs to be asked. ARES is not a paid or political organization.  We're all volunteers with an FCC Amateur Radio License and radios.  We freely joined. And we will freely leave,sometimes to the disappointment of others.  The AEC's, EC's, DEC's and SEC's were probably all asked to take on a responsibility beyond that of regular membership.  Beyond that of helping with events.  Beyond manning a post at a Red Cross shelter or observing and reporting during an incident.  Asked to take on the responsibility of getting others involved and assigning them to a post or to do a job. Sure, ARES members help at all levels but some are willing to take on a bigger piece of the load or do more to assist the EMA in our county, our first responders and others.  Was it politics or personalities that caused us to join?  Probably not. I believe most of us joined ARES for the same reasons.  To serve others, to use our time and equipment to help in an emergency or help a group have a safe event.  And like most of you, I will step away when I feel its time to move on to other things or simply to take a break and slow down a little.  A final thought.  If any of you have a problem with me or anyone in ARES then lets sit down and talk about it.  I'm sure there are few if any differences we can't resolve so we can move forward together.
Reminder: Statewide tornado drill August 5

Ohio ARES 

Stan Broadway, N8BHL

Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator

SEC Article for August, 2017 Can You Respond? This is the season of events, and amateur radio can certainly stand proud for all the public service we’re providing our communities!  But there are some common threads in our activities which should show us we could use a little more practice. Can we respond if we’re activated?  Here are some questions, brought about by circumstances we’ve all seen at these events. - Is your handheld programmed? - Is your handheld actually working? - Do you have battery resources for a long engagement? - Are you familiar with area repeaters that would likely be used in an activation? - If you’re using DMR or one of the digital modes, are you comfortable with operating? In the days of the faithful little Icom 2AT (dating myself here) it was sublimely simple: ratchet up a frequency and talk. With the advent of Chinese handhelds (and others) with convoluted menus and aversion to being programmed on the fly, we can no longer assume we can function without really thinking about it.  WiresX turned on, ID tones spurting from Baofengs, and all nature of beeps and bumps can aggravate net control and disrupt a net. The simple truth is we have to operate our radios (hand and mobile) to be proficient. This means that marking onto a repeater, chatting in a roundtable, and even checking into those nets all should be something we look at to increase our ability to just operate our own radios. Besides, that’s the fun of the bobby- talking to someone!  I personally am not a fan of the traditional “go-box” were a stash of nice radios sit in a corner until it’s “go time”. I would much rather you ~use~ the radios- stay familiar, make sure they’re working and exercised. I won’t detail the rest of the question above, except to remind you that your own personal supplies and accessories need to be at the ready as well. For a public service event, bug spray, a hat, sun tan lotion, paper, pen, clipboard, that kind of stuff should be within a quick reach before you leave.  Being ready is the whole point. Ohio Responds Once you get your four required FEMA courses down, please take a few minutes to log in to “Ohio Responds” and register as a volunteer for amateur radio. You don’t necessarily need to enter your training (we have the courses in our own state database) but you do need typical profile information. Being registered imposes NO additional responsibility on you - - you will not need to worry about someone calling you to travel to Camden for a week. This simply retains our names for protection from liability which is provided by the Ohio Revised Code. Worth your time and effort, if it should every turn to @$#% around you!! ARES Leadership Team The ARES Leadership Team, made up of DEC’s, ASEC’s Eldon from OHDEN and a couple others, has begun monthly conference calls. I have emailed the minutes of the meeting we held on the first week of August- your EC has been asked to distribute so if you would like to read the results, ask!   I have been participating in FEMA Region V  Auxcom teleconferences this summer, and it’s good for Ohio to be represented!  The Sarge We are stuck in the quagmire of “state time” which can expand one single minute to stretch over decades, it seems, when we talk about getting the new W8SGT station on the air. I have high hopes that we will be on the air with the new radios and amps this month!  OSERP A new update of the OSERP is on the arrl-ohio website. I have emailed copies to all EC’s (there are some further changes but not worth re-sending).  I have included 60 meters!  We really would like to move toward 60 meters as a standard channel for Ohio ARES. I have also included a reference to DMR. With the Ohio Channel, and the availability of “clustering” several repeaters together for wide area coverage, I think we just have too much to offer not to take advantage.  So I encourage you to consider DMR, or perhaps a linked digital mode reaching into the DMR system, as a strong option. Keep watching email for further updates to our SET plans!  As of this writing, we have IL, ~ALASKA~, CT, IA and FEMA/SHARES committed to help along with the Severe Storms Forecast Center.  It’s gonna be another good one, folks!
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