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Our August Meeting

Ham radio, boiled down to the basics, is all about answering this question, “Can my signal be heard?”  Well, with the advent of skimmers, the Internet, and ways to connect them we now have several methods of checking where we can be heard. To old heads this stuff is absolutely amazing. To us all, it’s a great way to test signals, and even predict where we’ll hear DX!  Club Prez Joe Fischer AA8TA  (isit pronounced “Aaaaytuh”?) has experience with some of these, and we tapped him to tell all!  Hope to see you there!  Take a look at the Reverse Beacon Network! web stats   Page Loads Unique Visits  First Time Returning Total 297 241 158 83 Average   10     8     5  3

DELARA History

30 years ago -  August 1987

Program was Leo Fry, K8PYD, discussing his many DX trips and operation.

20 years ago -  August 1997

Preparations were underway for the DELARA picnic. A foxhunt was organized.  

10 years ago -  August 2007

Joe, K8MP, urged all to participate in the Ohio QSO Party. 

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Wanted / For Sale

For Sale:  Ameritron Amp I am selling my father's Ameritron AL-811 amplifier for $500. I am offering it up here before I put it on At my current residence with indoor antennas, I will never be able to use it. Photos of the amp can be viewed on my OneDrive folder at:!AtbthHOWEX9K-1zOZyPaNt0QLbxC Thanks, Bill Morris,  K8BTU (614) 554-6287  
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The Amazing Gas Station Pun Marathon

Skip this if you’re already ~tired~ of it! So this actually happened.   It all started after Speedway began construction of a shiny new station at Hills Miller ant Rt. 23. You know, where we turn to reach the Delaware Red Cross building?  Well, at least they used some common sense. Around the first of June, they clocked Hills Miller in order to lay a solid concrete section for semi trucks who were turning and fueling. After an extra month’s delay (frown) they finally opened the roadway to normal traffic. They also opened the floodgates to some really creative/funny/outragious comments from our complete club of punsters (who knew?)   So here without further justification or excuse is a synopsis of the exchange that almost blew the DELARA email reflector into oblivion.  I haven’t captured ALL the comments here- but the better and more highly reactive efforts certainly deserve another chance to ~fuel~ some laughter.  It started innocently enough, with Joe, AA8TA, reflecting: “Yay, now I don’t have to pay the toll every time I drove by Donn’s house!” Gary suggested they have pizza, Craig added maybe a pre-meeting take-out?  After all nothing quite says it like gas station food. And so the floodgates opened. Gas station sushi- not always cold, but better with a drizzle of 10-30.  Or 90-weight. Sounds like a great place to get a deli sandwich topped with a thick slice of ~valve-eater~ cheese! Don’t forget the delicious ~Luben~ sandwich. With a side of ~piston~ rings. Perhaps they can add a side of ~cam~ chowder. Oh and a side of ~hoister~ crackers for the chowder. Back to the Luben sandwich with ~hornbeef~ on dry tread. Ah- but there’s more!  Don’t forget the big specials on breakfast:  The Egg McMuffler, a Big McDiesel, Mudflap-jacks and a saddletank of cola.  Oh, a big cup of leaded coffee! Oh, my. Site upgrade for the repeater shed. While some worked the Ironman Ken, W8SMK and I worked on the north repeater site which is home for the 145.190 and 443.550 repeaters. We've had our share of equipment problems at this location. A few weeks ago I installed an ACScout at the site thanks to Gerry, KC8ZUL and noticed the temperature inside the building runs 20+ degrees of what ever the high temperature is outside and holds this temperature well past sunset. I had recorded temperatures of +100 when our measured high for that day was only 86.  The new temperature controlled roof fan and the ventilation holes we cut in the floor should help a lot.