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DELARA Contest Team

Erg… we now have a “Participation Troffy”   [Facepalm]

Dear K8MP Now there's a pause between big Contests: IARU, WAEDC, CQ-WW Contests. A lot of Contest-Men prepare, analyze the results, check their antennas and other equipment, and also make plans. As a past years analysis alternative you can make a list of contests where you have been participating so you can order Trophy from the series "Worked in ... Contests". Trophy of the group are divided into levels that correspond to your activity: W-100-C - WORKED in 100 CONTESTS W-250-C - WORKED in 250 CONTESTS W-500-C - WORKED in 500 CONTESTS W-750-C - WORKED in 750 CONTESTS W-1000-C - WORKED in 1000 CONTESTS Don't wait for New Year, prepare yourself a Gift for and Active Work in Contests! Choose yourself a Worthy Troffy from AGB Club International Program Troffies! AGB-TROPHY-PROGRAM 1. Check out the list of our Trophies 2. Choose the one trophy you want to order 3. Fill in your application (list of participated contests) 4. Make a request - Attach application to email: 5. After your request will be confirmed pay fee by PayPal Trophy are created within a week and sent in a good euro package. As an example you can look at the Contest Trophy "W-500-C" for Contest participants who worked in 500 and more competitions. Trophies for Hardy DL3KWF and Rosel DL3KWR These trophies are both of a half-A4 paper sheet size. Trophy W-750-C (Worked in 750 Contests) is a little more than A4 paper size And Trophy W-1000-C (Worked in 1000 Contests) is nearly an A3 size (double A4). I will be grateful for you sharing this information among your friends. Probably they will be intrested in a small Troffy of a half-A4 paper sheet size - W-250-C (Worked in 250 Contests)) You can write and ask questions. The form of application is thought-ot and it can be used not only as an application, but also as a template for your personal list of the participated competitions. Sooner or later, You will think of list like this. Don't postpone it for later. Use your chance! Make your dream! Wish you Good luck in contests! 77 73 regards, Igor (von) Getmann EU1EU - OK8EU -- regards, Igor EU1EU OK8EU, DIG#5021 AGB#001 KDR#011 BSCC#094 AGCW#2659 UCWC#808 GQRPC#10194 RCC#190 SKCC# SRARS#59 GTC# CTC# HTC# President of AGB Club - Activity Group of Belarus 
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