delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 36 NUMBER 8

Field Day

…And so we wait.  FD scores are usually out in November.  We have received confirmation that our score was accepted, nothing further is required. Work at the ARC This is part of Field Day, but really more for our station use year round.  We need to get a team together to chase the line noise, or at least try to figure out what the interference was that we experienced.  President Joe operated a contest after FD, and there was no noise at all (similar to all our testing prior to FD) so it’s obvious intermittent. As noted earlier, we did operate the Ironman on VHF from the ARC, and its emergency application passed with flying colors. Signals were good, and the station itself performed well.  (This was the first real test of the battery supply for the two 8800’s on the ARES desk; they worked very well.) We still need to get radials in the ground for the vertical.  And is there another antenna we could add to our arsenal?   Joe (MP) has favored a 40 dipole or inverted V as an addition. And- what about the second tower?  Well, we are ready to create a formal proposal to the Red Cross for permission. We have received support up the line for the addition, so it might not be a big deal. It will involve a ‘work day’ to rehab the tower (paint?) and install new cable and a winch to raise the tower.  The installation will require some more feedline and a rotor. So planning is a must!
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