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6 Essential tips for getting the most out of your oscilloscope The price of oscilloscopes has gotten so low that any amateur radio operator can now afford one. And, these are great scopes, too, packed with lots of features that earlier generations of analog scopes just couldn’t provide. To  help new scope users take advantage of these features, Keysight, which used to be Agilent, which used to be Hewlett Packard, just published an app note, 6 essential tips for getting the most out of your oscilloscope. You have to fill out a form to get this app note, but it’s worth it.   The six tips are: 1. Get started with basic triggering. 2. Remember probing matters. 3. Scale signals correctly. 4. Use the right acquisition mode. 5. See more detail using advanced triggering. 6. Use integrated protocol decoders for advanced serial busses. Aside from perhaps the last one, these tips will help ham radio operators make better measurements, even if you don’t have a Keysight scope. -Dan romanchik, KB6NU
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