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DELARA License Testing

Testing Dates Announced for 2017

Team, Here are the remaining test dates: Sep 2, 2017 They will start at our normal time of 10am. Change in the Form Effective September 7, applicants will be required to answer a question about whether they have ever been convicted of a felony as part of their application for a new or upgraded license, for a call sign change, or an amendment to any of those applications. The September 7 date is the effective date for uploads, not for test sessions.  If you have a test session just before September 7 but it is not uploaded until on or after September 7, your applicants will have had to answer the felony question.  Please plan carefully for your test sessions occurring toward the end of August and the first few days of September. Session Manager is being modified to include the new felony question. At this point, Ray is waiting for the NCVEC to issue the new NCVEC 605 form so he can incorporate it into Session Manager.  Ray is including a new feature in Session Manager that will cause it to print out an instruction page for folks who answer the felony question Yes when it prints out their 605 or CSCE.  For those who don't use Session Manager during your sessions, you can print out the instruction page and keep a supply on hand in your test box.

Big Testing News!

The location of DELARA’s amateur radio testing has been changed to the ARC! Starting with the August 3 session, testing will be done at the Delaware Red Cross, 380 Hills-Miller Rd.   This should prove much more convenient in many ways: Easy to find Easy access to the building Larger testing room Able to show off the club radio station to encourage new hams
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