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Will Hoffine,  N8TQU

The Rome Apple

The first settler of Center Township, Lawrence County,Ohio was Joseph Miller who built the first cabin there in 1787 and other settlers followed. In 1814,brothers Zebulon, Joel, and William Gillette arrived from Milford Connecticut. In 1816, Joel Gillette bought trees from Putnam's nursery in Marietta . While planting them, he found one not pleasing to him. Being a staunch Whig, he called his son, Alanson who was 8 or 9 years of age, telling him, “There is a Democrat!, You can have that.” Alanson took the sprout, planted it near the bank of the Ohio River. In a few years it began to grow beautiful red apples. Joel's cousin, Horatio Nelson Gillette took graftings and started a nursery which helped popularize the apple. It soon became known as “Gillette's Seedling”. Around 1821, the township name was changed to Rome, relating to the seven hills in the vicinity. In 1832, a man named Walton named the apple, “Rome Beauty”from Rome Township where the apple was first grown and from it's beautiful red color. Later, another cousin took the apple around Cape Horn to California during the gold rush in 1849 where it also became popular in the west. The original tree survived until the 1850's when it was felled by erosion of the riverbank. Ref: Wikipedia and others
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