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It’s the end of the year and I should have queried a few other people to get some data but, since I just now thought of it, I’ll have to wing it. We have been honored to have to several people join our club this year.  A big welcome to each of you who are joined in 2017.  Please join us for the Monday evening net, stop by the meetings every third Wednesday (except this month), check out the various activities going on around DELARA and feel free to ask questions or share your experiences with the rest of us. Our first Field Day at the Red Cross was a success in my eyes despite a few challenges.  We can always improve and do better.  It was a hit with our Red Cross hosts and we had a good turnout of members and visitors.  There is lots to build on there. The DELARES group was busy as usual with many events in and around Delaware.  One of the events got a write-up in the local newspaper and let the good people of Delaware know that the DELARES group will keep them safe when the Great Zombie Apocalypse occurs. Two of our members received prestigious awards from the ARRL Great Lakes division in November.  Stan, N8BHL, and Bob, W8ERD, were recognized for their many contributions over many years.  These two, along with everybody else in DELARA, prove that our greatest resource is the people that we have.  No matter where we meet or what stuff we have, we always have our fantastic people. The officers of 2017 will carry over to 2018.  We thank you for helping us build on this great group of people. During our November meeting, treasurer Ken proposed a change in the dues amount for members.  See: this is why you should attend meetings so that you can vote on these things and protect your money!  Anyway, Ken’s proposal was to DEcrease the dues by $5 so they are now $20 per year.  There was unaminous support for that proposal.  Go figure. So that is a good segue to remind you to get your dues to Ken (W8SMK) either in person or via the convenient PayPal option.  Paid-up members have access to our contest station at the Red Cross and help support other activities within the club. Reminder: there is no December meeting.  Our next gathering is the holiday gathering on January 6 at the Red Cross.  Look for an announcement elsewhere. Here’s hoping that you have a great holiday and can enjoy the true meaning of this time of year and enjoy the company of your family and friends. 73, Joe, AA8TA

DELARA takes the month off -

Family is more important! It’s a tradition that DELARA does not hold a meeting in December. Instead, we are directed back to our families during the hoildays. Our next gathering will be the official DELARA Holiday Party (see details on the next page!)  It will be held at the Red Cross building, 380 Hills Miller Rd (yeah, where the meetings and the ARC station are located). Our intrepid chef Tim  (same name, same skills, different call: NS8B) will host the gathering. We hope you can make it for a very pleasant evening with your radio family. Our meetings for 2018 are shaping up- and we hope you’ll be as excited as we to present some very interesting topics. In January, ARES will join DELARA for a gripping presentation. Delaware County Sheriff Russ Martin has a diamond-level resource to help protect our county in Deputy Tim Schaumb. Among his other duties, Tim is in solid with the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s “Fusion Center”… formally names the Strategic Analysis and Information Center. This is operated in cooperation with Homeland Security and just about any state or federal alphabet-soup crime fighting agency. We have enjoyed Tim’s presentations a couple times at ARES, and we feel strongly that what he has to tell us will have you gripping your chair, looking over your shoulder, and becoming much more educated about the status of potential terror activity right here in Central Ohio. It’s a “Must See!” presentation. In February, we’re looking at one of the operators of the T33 island Dxpedition. Ever wondered about what it would be like to travel to a remote island and become the target of hams worldwide? Cliff can tell us with pictures!  More information on our program plans is on the Club Business page. Do YOU have something we’d enjoy seeing?? Please consider yourself invited!  I would love to hear your suggestions!   …and now this commercial break: First of the year; the DELARA membership dues are now due. There’s great news! The annual dues were REDUCED to $20 per year, with additional family members at $2. Members have access to the DELARA ARC amateur station, and many other benefits. Easiest way to way is via PayPal right here:

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