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Joe Papworth, K8MP January 2002: The Coal-fired Dutch Oven Happy New Year from Joe’s Place… I hope Santa was good to your shacks. I got coal myself, but I’ve been thinking that maybe I could develop a new natural-power source for my radios with it. I already have an exhaust fan for my radio room, so coal smoke wouldn’t be a problem. I just need a combustion chamber of some sort, and a way to convert the heat to electricity. Don’t they have things called thermo-couples that do that? I think that is the name. Or am I just thinking about a hot pair of newly-weds? Anyway, I know they have a way of doing that, and if I can’t figure out how to do it, I know Terry Webb probably already has one in his garage. I wonder if we could get special Field Day bonus points for such a set up? I bet we could. It might just put us over the top…FINALLY. Well, guess I’m getting ahead of myself. I still have to get it built. I remember when I was a Boy Scout that our troop leader built a Dutch oven for baking bread and other stuff while on camping trips. That thing would make a great coal-burner for the shack. I would just need to get it hot enough to put out 12 volts so I could charge my shack-battery. It could double as a cooker at Field Day too. We could bake cakes and bread in it, while making QSO’s. What a deal. And if we use it for the 2.4 GHZ ATV station, we could call it our microwave oven. My brain is just buzzing with possibilities.  We could pioneer a new ham activity, called “Field day in January”. We’d have plenty of heat from the coal-fired, 12 volt, bread-baking, microwave Dutch-oven. Man, now we’re cookin’.   
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