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John Myers, KD8MQ Affiliated Clubs Coordinator Hi everyone, welcome to springtime . As I’m writing this on the 10th, the week ahead looks much better than the snow that we all woke up to just a few days ago. I spent Saturday morning at the Cuyahoga Falls Hamfest. I was happy to see a great turnout this time. I’ve heard that Hamfests are dying, and some I’ve been to on the last couple years do seem to be on the decline. But, Cuyahoga Falls appears to be bucking that trend. I got to see a lot of friends there this year; one was Ken, KA8OAD. Ken is the Summit County EC, and has been keeping busy with DMR. He’s been doing club programs about this mode; most recently at the PCARS group (Portage County ARS). I ran into Ken at the Silvercreek meeting about a month ago and was telling me about a project that he and Rick, N8NOQ had completed. I’ll let Ken tell you about that. “The University of Akron had an analog UHF repeater system that was barely used. I purchased a new UHF DMR repeater and with the help of Rick Nemer (N8NOQ), we replaced the clubs UHF analog machine with the new UHF DMR repeater. Rick then purchased some of the “inexpensive” Tytera MD-380 DMR HT’s for the students to use with the new repeater. Having new digital technology at their disposal and the ability to contact other operators around the country, and around the world for that matter, on nothing more than a low power, inexpensive HT helped the students get excited about using this “new” technology and now the repeater is seeing increased use both by the students as well as the local amateur radio community here in Akron. “ – Ken, KA8OAD The MD-380 that Ken mentions can be had for a little over a hundred bucks at Universal. Granted, “inexpensive” depends upon your budget, but it’s a heck of a deal. One of my favorite things at a Hamfest is wandering around talking to folks. You never know just who you’ll run into. At Cuyahoga Falls, I saw Dave, KD8NZF, and his wife, Nancy, KD8QNY. I didn’t get to stop and talk to them, as they were on their way out for an appointment. But, I received some E- mails from Dave recently. If you read my column last month, you saw that the Red Cross “Lake to River” chapter was doing a special event to celebrate Red Cross Month. Dave was one of the team that brought that together. He told me that on one of the days that the station was running, they had a visit from a local Girl Scout troop. As luck would have it, they happened across Jim, K1GND in Rhode Island while the girls were there, and Dave put them on the air with Jim. Of course, Jim being the gracious Elmer that he is, talked to not one or two of the girls, but every one of them. You can bet they left with a positive impression of Amateur Radio that day! Lastly, I’d like to congratulate the Massillon ARC for reaching their 90th Year. Since this this is their anniversary year, they are building a replica of a 1927 Amateur station. Watch for more from Massillon as well.

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John Ross, KD8IDJ

2017 Ohio Section Newsletter Contest

In case you’re counting…or wondering…about the deadline for the 2017 Newsletter Contest…it’s just  two and a half months away! Remember, to be included, we need two copies of your club’s newsletter by June 30th or notification when your web page is updated. I’m printing and organizing the newsletters now but please keep sending them. The judges will pick two to review for each club. I know I’ve said this before but each year it just keeps getting better. What I’ve seen so far this year is outstanding and I know the judges will be impressed. If you have any questions, please call or email me anytime. DMR With the help of our Section Manager Scott Yonally, I am finally up and running on DMR…Digital Mobile Radio. Believe me it’s an exciting new “mode” and pretty inexpensive to get started. A couple of hours after my radio was programmed I was able to check into a nationwide net with my handheld radio all from the comfort of our four seasons room! The audio quality was great and the operating procedures are really no different than any analog contract. Trying, or experimenting, with new and different ways to communicate is what amateur radio is all about. We have been the test bed for most all forms of radio communications that have used is the past and are still in use today. DMR should be no different. I would venture to say we are ahead of the curve right now for DMR. There is more info about DMR on this website and I hope you take some time to dig in. FirstNet A big announcement about week ago came from AT&T ( my employer) that, finally, a nationwide communication system would be built exclusively  for first responders…FirstNet This is a big deal. The whole concept began right after 911. Communications during that crisis were, to say the least, difficult. Many repeaters were on top of the World Trade Center buildings. The internet of the day was mainly dialup and our cell phone weren’t as smart, or as well connected, as what they are today. Here are some quick points about FIRSTNET and why it’s important:  * 70,000 emergency personnel need communications everyday  * Over 10,000 networks are currently in use  * FirstNet will provide 20 MHz of secure spectrum that will link all first responders with voice,     data, and video  * Rural villages and townships will benefit by having instant access to nationwide help  * Total cost for FirstNet is $46.5 billion dollars. The actual build-out of FirstNet will start later this year. A lot more information about this project can be found on the internet at:  PIO NET And while we’re on the subject of nets, I was reminded that about two years ago I wanted to have statewide PIO Net. Well, logistics got in the way but now, maybe, I can start to put together the PIO Net. I’m open for ideas but my first thought is trying to use DMR. I know not every area has DMR but I’ll do some research to see where we are covered…or don’t have coverage… and put together a plan. There may come a time when it’s necessary to have all of the PIO’s involved in an emergency. It would good for us to start now to make that work. A net would also give us a great platform the talk about what we do, how we do it and pass along any “frustrations” we have about media coverage. So, light me up…let me know what you think! That’s it for this month…remember the Dayton HAMFEST is just about a month away. I’ll be at the Ohio Section booth inside the ARRL area. Stop by and say hello.
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