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DELARA History

30 years ago -  May 1987

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20 years ago -  May 1997

The first regular “Joe’s Place” appears!  

10 years ago -  May 2007

Bob, W8ERD, spearheaded a mailing campaign to generate more members. (Every club needs a “Bob”)

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For Sale

1.  openHPSDR Rig -- $1250 This is one of my favorite radios.  Had plans for this to be my "experimenter" setup, but with family and work obligations, it just has been stored away in a box since we moved.  While a few parts are still available via TAPR, a number of the parts are no longer available for purchase.  I would like to keep this all together so the new owner will have a (mostly) complete rig. -- Pandora Enclosure with fan -- Atlas Backplane -- LPU power supply -- Mercury Receiver 0-65MHz -- Penelope Transmitter 500mW -- Metis ethernet interface -- Alex Filters (Both HPF and LPF boards, and enclosure mounted in Pandora Enclosure) -- Janus audio card (used with older FlexRadio rigs) -- Ozy USB interface (USB chip died, removed, but haven't soldered on replacement.  Will include chip if I can find it) This rig has a long history of experimenting in SDR.  I just don't have room for it in the shack at the new house and it deserves a new home where it will get used. This is definitely NOT a turn-key radio, but a lot of fun to experiment with. See for more info on the individual boards, specs, pics, etc. 1b.  openHPSDR Kits Here are a couple kits I have that are still new and unbuilt.  I figured I would be willing to part when them separately, but really, they would make a nice addition to the above rig. -- Excalibur time reference card.  10MHz TXCO, with external clock input. -- $60 -- Pennywhistle 20W Amp -- $70 2.  SDR Cube Fully Assembled and Tested, no softrock -- $250 Want an SDR, but no PC needed?  This is a fun little rig that uses a dsPIC for signal processing.  This particular rig has all 3 boards already assembled.  You simply add the RF deck, typically a softrock.  This can still be purchased on their website. 3.  SDR Cube Full Kit -- $200 This is a full kit that I purchased from another ham that was partially built.  Unfortunately, the dsPIC on the DSP card was not soldered properly and a few traces were lifted.  I was going to install a new dsPIC and do the board repairs, but just never got to it.  If you like working with surface mount components and have some patience, I am sure you can bring this to life.  If you don't want to mess with repairing the board, you can buy a replacement, either in kit or fully assembled.  I did NOT start to assemble any of the softrock boards, or mount the other 2 boards in the enclosure.  You can get it and enjoy the kit build. :-) 4.  Icom IC-207H 2M/70cm mobile Transceiver -- $175 This was one of my first rigs.  Just isn't being used and it deserves a new home.  Special deal for club members only, buy now and I will toss in the remote mounting kit, cables, etc.  Also includes original box, manual, mounting bracket and power cable.  Has nicer DTMF mic too. This just came back from Icom Service in MI.  The mic cord shorted out while driving down the road one day.  Turns out it only suffered a burnt up resistor and got a new mic cord.  They also adjusted the power output when it was on the bench. It has been working fine in the shack since being repaired. 5. ANAN-10 15W HF + 6M SDR Transceiver -- $1000 Plenty of info for this online.  This was put together by me as the original TAPR Hermes board and added the ANAN-10 enclosure with the 15W Amp and LPFs.  At one point you could also get it assembled from Gigaparts. Since I know there are some camera folks on here too, I have a Canon 20D kit, a Canon EF 50MM f1.8 lens, and Olympus E-P2 kit with viewfinder, Panasonic 20MM u4/3 pancake lens.  If interested, just let me know and we can work out a deal... Vern -- KC8YOH
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