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Our May Meeting

Not just ‘Drone’ - - racing drone!

Our DELARA meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month at the Red Cross building, 380 Hills-Miller Rd (just west of Rt. 23 at the light). You are warmly invited, whether a member or not, to join us for interesting presentations and great fellowship! This month’s meeting takes to the skies- courtesy of Dan Beal, KB8SLQ. Yeah, that last name should be familiar, Dan is John Beal’s son and he’s into some serious drone flight. Better buckle the seatbelt on your office chair before watching this one!

443.55 tone

The 443.550 repeater is now running in AMS mode. This means the repeater will work in Digital C4FM for digital voice (Fusion) as well as normal analog FM. In order to use the repeater in analog FM you need to encode a CTCSS of 107.2Hz. If you do not own a Fusion radio I strongly encourage you to set your analog FM radio to TSQL with the 107.2Hz CTCSS so that you don't hear what sounds like "noise" on your radio when a digital voice QSO is in progress. Echolink/IRLP is still available on the repeater for analog FM users, and operators just like it has in the past. If an incoming Echolink/IRLP comes in during a digital QSO or a analog FM signal the repeater will automatically switch to analog FM mode for compatibility. I'm still in the proof of concept stage here. If blending the traditional  IRLP/Echolink with the new digital mode works out I might add wires-x for digital conference access down the road.  In the meantime give it a try, and let me know if you experience any problems.  
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Sightless Help for Digital Modes

Recently, an app has been created that for the first time ever allows blind hams to participate in PSK31.  The app is being given away to the world for free.  Essentially, this app allows blind hams to use their computer’s “screen reader” to work with DigiPan.  Several members of the "Westside [of Los Angeles] Amateur Radio Club" participated in creating this app.  We would be most grateful to you if you could forward this email on to your club members.  Please help us spread this great news! To support the continued creation of adaptive technologies for blind hams, a GoFundMe webpage has been created.  The link to it is below.  You can learn a little more about this app there too. - Richard KK6MRH