Can we expand this statewide?

Winlink Net

Every week operators in Hamilton Co are encouraged to send a message via Winlink to each other. Now, we would like to encourage Winlink use state-wide. I would like to start by creating a list of ARES Winlink users in Ohio. Send a Winlink message to KC8EGV and I'll add you to the list. At least once a week I'll send a general message out to the list to give everyone practice. We'll start with plain text formatted messages and hopefully move up to forms. So if you use Winlink (or want to give it a try) send a message to me via Winlink. It does not matter if you use a local gateway, HF or telnet to get started. Actually, Telnet is a good way to get used to the software without having to interface with a radio. I hope to get a message from you soon. For more information, please contact me at: 73, Bryan - KC8EGV Hamilton Co EC Winlink can be a very productive communication system- it’s proven and has been in use for years. This is how personal ships at sea communicate their position, and handle their email needs.  In a disaster, emails sent via winlink arrive as normal emails, to which anyone can respond. There is a movement starting to expand Winlink within Ohio- read more here about the whole thing: The traditional means of connecting is through a packet modem (Pricey!!) but there is Winmore software using your PC’s soundcard.  Anyone in this area using it?  

May 2017


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The Prez’s Shack

Let’s see what the calendar says.  The month of the Greek Goddess Maia, the emerald month, the third month of the year having 31 days, the month having the zodiac sign of Taurus.  That’s right, May.  More importantly, my birthday month; how many years has it been?  Hmmmm, I’m losing count at around 30. Anyway, it is also Dayton month.  Except, make that Xenia month.  Hamvention® is still Hamvention (registered trademark) but almost everybody still refers to it as Dayton.  There still are some events in Dayton so saying Dayton is not totally inaccurate. I know DELARA has a fair contingent of people who make the trek so those of you who are going to Hamvention® are in for an experience of one sort or another.  No doubt there are going to be some issues with the new venue and the good people of DARA are going to lose a lot of sleep during the month of Maia.  Those of you who are going, please take a lot of pictures and share your experience.  By the way – hint, hint – we (Delaware Amateur Radio Association) do have a Facebook presence so sharing a few pictures on Facebook would be nice.  Let Stan, N8BHL, or me know if you have some. Our next regular meeting is Wednesday, May 17, 7:30 p.m. at the Delaware Red Cross, 380 Hills-Miller Road.  We hope that we can see you there.  As always, visitors and guests are very welcome. For those of you who like to have an eat-and-greet, or greet-and-eat, or just plain eat before the meeting, we will try the Tian Fu Buffet, 850 Sunbury Rd (Route 36/37) just east of Delaware near the Kohl’s.  I understand the group has been there before.  Gather at around 5:45.  If you can’t be there at 5:45, no worries, you can eat while the rest greet. 73 de Joe AA8TA
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