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Joe Papworth, K8MP

Those Magnificent Men and their Crazy Call-signs

If any of you keep an eye on the DX-Cluster, you have seen a lot of crazy call-signs floating by. Most of them, maybe all of them, are special event stations. What is a special event station? I thought you’d never ask. They’re usually temporary set-ups to commemorate a local historical event. Gary and Sandy, KE8O and N8YS, organized two of them back in “ought-ten” and “ought-eleven” to celebrate the 25th and 26th anniversaries of Delaware’s All Horse Parade. They had special K8H (Kilo-8-Horse) QSLs printed up and folks who worked us could also print off a nice certificate. It was a fun event and we made a lot of contacts. Now, it seems, that there are too many SES stations on the air. (We hams don’t need much of a reason to do something special, do we?) One day a few weeks ago, I jotted down some of their call- signs as they scrolled by on my monitor. The calls reminded more of the FCC Citizens band call- signs. They were long with multiple numbers in them. Most of them were outside of the USA and seemed to be mostly Russian guys. To be legal, they had to use the standard prefixes of their countries. It’s a good thing too, because otherwise folks would have no clue where they were located. Here are some of the Russian calls I made note of plus a little info about them from R1611M commemorates the Moscow-870 Anniversary. It runs through the end of 2017. R1934G commemorates Yuri Gagarin, the Cosmonaut. R1963VT is for the 50th anniversary of Valentinoj Tereshkovoj’s space flight. She was the first women in space. NP2VI/100 commemorates the 100th anniversary of the sale of the Virgin Islands to the United States. “On March 31, 1917, in Washington, D.C. a warrant for twenty five million dollars in gold was presented to Danish Minister Constantine Brun by Secretary of State Robert Lansing.”   TM100VIMY commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, fought in northern France in April 1917. On that occasion, Canadian soldiers fighting as a cohesive unit, succeeded in capturing this strategic point, which had resisted previous French and British attempts to take it. The TM100VIMY station is located within the Canada National Historic site on Vimy Ridge, France. There are also Canadian stations celebrating this event. They are using the call VE100VIMY/VE1,.VE2.etc, depending on their province. I jotted down several more calls but I’ll finish with this one that is really long one: OL75SILVERA. It commemorates 75th anniversary of the British-Czechoslovak operation Silver A during the WWII. And finally, Joe’s Words of Wisdom. Committed DXers will identify with these: The eight emotional levels of pile-up cracking: 1) Indifference- "I don't need that country" 2) Curiosity- "Might be fun though" 3) Excitement- "I love a challenge" 4) Determination- "I’m on a mission" 6) Compulsion- "Lord, get me through" 7) Obsession- "I refuse to give up" 8) YESSSSSS!!!!!- "The after-glow" The 9th level: I must admit there have been times that I jumped into a big pile-up expecting to wage war for a while. Then, somehow I picked the right frequency to call the guy on and got through on the first call. It leaves me with that "Is that all there is?" feeling, like in Peggy Lee's 1969 song. Well, that’s it for this month. I hope to see you all at the May meeting but if not, then next month at Joe’s Place. I almost forgot. How ‘bout this our FD motto for this year? Delara FD 2017 Let’s Make Waves
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