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Steve Fetter


Updating the Meter Lighting of Your MFJ Fiant Watt meter

                   UPDATE THE METER LIGHTING OF YOUR MFJ GIANT WATT METER                                             By Steve Fetter – WA8UEG                                   I just finished upgrading my rotor control box and while doing so added the Ham Supply LED board for illuminating the meter. Now my MFJ giant swr/watt meter looked dim and drab in comparison. I decided to take a look and see if I could use the same board to illuminate the MFJ meter and sure enough it looked very doable. It turned out to be a really simple modification. After receiving the new board assembly took about 15 minutes. The MFJ meter is lit by 2 peanut lamps, one pulled right out and the other had a small amount of glue holding it in place but when I applied a small amount of pressure with a small screwdriver it popped right off. I cut the peanut leads off leaving about 3 inches in case I ever wanted to use them in a future project. Now there were 2 options to mount the new board with the LED’s. The new board has plastic spacers that can be installed for mounting purposes, if you use them you will need to leave each LED mounted away from the board about ½ inch then use the supplied glue dots to hold the board in place. I decided to mount the LED’s tight to the board which only causes one problem, the voltage connection wires on the PC board are on the same side as the LED’s and could short out on the front panel of the MFJ. To make sure this did not happen I applied a dab of liquid electric tape on the circuit board where the supply wires were soldered to the PC board. You could use anything that would insulate those connections like electric tape, a thin piece of plastic, etc. but the dab of liquid was neat simple and does the job nicely. I then inserted the LED’s above the meter in the same slot the peanut lamps were in, centered the middle LED to the middle of the meter and secured the board to the back of the front panel with the supplied glue dots. The LED Illuminator kit is $9.95 plus a couple of bucks to ship. The meter is now evenly illuminated and easy to read.            BEFORE                               AFTER                                                 
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