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Our November Meeting

A very important item is on the traditional November agenda: the annual business meeting will occupy part of the meeting. The highlight, however, is a grand tradition of DELARA: the Annual Boat Anchor Exchange! 1. Pick out something semi-radio related that you no longer want / forgot you had / will never use again. 2. Place in Box; transport to November meeting. 3. Fight off desire to take it back…you aren’t going to use it! 4. Place your item on the display tables. Prepare a riveting story about how you obtained it, how it helped resolve a war or rescued a town. Something to make it more desirable. 5. Give it to someone (anyone? anyone??) who can’t live without your item. 6. Speak up and take  

DELARA History

30 years ago -  November 1987

Field Day: 19th 2A.

20 years ago -  November 1997

Recap of the October visit to the new Ohio EOC.

10 years ago -  November 2007

Field Day: #2 in 4A nationally. web stats   Page Loads Unique Visits  First Time Returning Total 283 234 167 67 Average     9     8     5   2
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