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Field Day - the noise was king. A bad king.

Field Day seemed like a slam dunk - use the statios inside the ARC, and add two more outside in Camo Ham and Canned Ham. Piece of cake, right? Well the plan was good. The uninvited guest was not. Somehow, we managed to cultivate a huge AC noise issue, that slammed shut the receivers in almost every station. Craig’s 20 meter efforts, located at the rear of the parking lot, saved the day for our score since he wasn’t affected so much by the noise. We searched and searched, even to the point of driving up and down the road and knocking power poles with a mallet. Nothing. Noise still there. So our operators soldiered through. It wasn’t until October’s SET weekend that we had a breakthrough. While operating, the team decided to fire up the digital station- and as they lit up the old laptop, there was the noise!   Was this the answer? Was the power supply for the laptop the generator of all that noise?  Perhaps. We replaced the power supply with a factory unit, turned it all on and there was no noise to be heard on the other stations. So perhaps the situation was remedied. Perhaps not- because there were other potential sources on site: several RV trailers could also have been the source of the noise. We ~think~ it’s resolved. We’ll have to do some extensive testing prior to next year’s efforts to make sure we have a quiet, nay even serene RF field in which to operate.

Operate the ARC remotely!

Here is a reminder on how to set remote up for a contest. First start up the FT2000RC emulation and have it turn on the DX5000. Next double click N1MMControl in the center of the screen. This will start up my bridge program so that N1MM can talk to the emulation and to the DX5000. Next double click on N1MM+ to get it started. I've already set it up for the SweepStakes. After you modify N1MM for your own liking start up the Telnet Session in N1MM. You should be able to click on reconnect to connect to my Skimmer Server. If not, you can select WD8KNC-1 as the cluster and then click connect.   All of this is necessary since N1MM and the Ft2000RC program can't talk to the DX5000 directly at the same time. You need the N1MM control software to act as a bridge. -George, WD8KNC  
DELARA Club Station Agreement Use of the club station is limited to DELARA members who are current on their dues. If in doubt, ask!  The station manager’s names and phone numbers are posted on the station door. There is a lock box on the outside of the building to get a key to unlock the outside door and a keypad lock for the station door.  The keypad code will be changed periodically. Please be aware that a camera records people coming into or out of the station.  This is for security and is not designed to monitor your operating. Please attend an orientation session, or ask for a demonstration, before operating at the station. Codes for the doors are not to be shared with friends, family members or other non-DELARA members. Please announce your intention to use the station via the club’s email reflector so that others November plan around your intention. Operation of the stations must be within the bounds of your license. Please be extremely careful with drinks or food; food should be kept in the kitchen.  You are responsible for cleaning up your own mess. Please be aware that the Red Cross owns the building has much property in the building and respect for their property is expected. Most of all:  PLEASE USE THE STATION!! IT’S THERE FOR ALL CLUB MEMBERS!