delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 36 NUMBER 11

Field Day

Another Number One Performance!

It actually may have come as a surprise, but the DELARA Field Day effort in its new location and brand new class produced a “first in class” result despite major noise problems that crippled our efforts.  As you know if you were there, our reception was blocked by a major AC noise source which we couldn’t find. We tried. Oh boy we tried!  We had never heard this noise before, despite intense testing of the permanent radios in the Red Cross station. But, there it was. Only the “Dumpster Guys” (Craig’s Camo Ham trailer located way out back by the dumpster) were relatively unencumbered by the problem. Although a noise source for Craig was soon discovered to be the on-board charger of the Red Cross communications truck, it was unplugged and eliminated. His performance, as always, was one of the top point-makers of the group. The rest didn’t fare so well, as you probably already know. Even with this limitation, we were first in our class (there were 22 entries). Note above that Franklin County also placed fairly well, a new group participating.  Not only that, but the K8ES banner is still flying at the top of ~all~ Ohio participants! Because of the lower score, we did take a hit on the “All National” scorecard, dropping to 65th over all categories. But that’s not a terrible mark for what we were able to score. I totally agree with most of the “attaboy” emails that followed President Joe’s announcement of the score- asserting that there’s no doubt the hog roast and feast provided by Chef Tim was the real reason we performed so well! As reported in the ARC Station column, it appears we ~might~ have found the source to be a bad power pack for one of the laptops.  But there may be more complications. We’ll do some more testing before next June rolls around!   
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