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Jet Trails

Wally Kenyon  W8WLK

Air Flight Cancelled

Wally has surrendered!  Our intrepid air story teller has elected to file his last flight plan.  We can’t thank Wally enough for his wit, wisdom, and expertise in the telling of his many tales of flights!  After 50+ contiguous episodes of Jet Trails I think I'm going to bring it in for a landing. That doesn't mean that I'll stop contributing to the news letter. I'll still send in a piece when I have something I think everyone would like. (Think April addition.)  I just want to spend more time working on my latest project. It could be really big...America's Got Talent kinda big. I'm teaching our horse to sing. I have my work cut out for me because he keeps complaining that his head hurts. I thought it was the music so I finally asked him what was bothering him. He said it doesn't hurt all the time...that it only hurts when I sing with him...  I want him to be a singer and he wants to be a comedian! Hmmmm. Stranger things have happened... Please join me in thanking Wally next time you see him at club meeting,  for the hours he’s put into generating this column!! Know that YOU are welcome to launch a column if you have the interest in dedicating time for the enjoyment of our DELARA members!  Again, thanks Wally, and WELL DONE SIR!!
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