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Will Hoffine,  N8HDM

The Paragon Tomato

Alexander W. Livingston was born Oct. 14, 1821, in Reynoldsburg, Ohio As a young child, he picked a few tomatoes and asked his mother what they were. She told him they must be poison because the hogs wouldn't eat them. As an adult he began cultivating them in an attempt to improve their taste and appeal. In 1844, he married Matilda Dickey Graham, daughter of David and Nancy Graham of Reynoldsburg. In 1852, he purchased 70 acres East of Graham Road near Reynoldsburg on which he continued cultivating sweet corn, cabbage and tomatoes. By 1870 he had developed the first commercially available tomato, the “Paragon”. Over his lifetime he developed 15 varieties of tomatoes. Mr Livingston and the Livingston Seed Company are credited with introducing 35 varieties of tomatoes. Mr Livingston passed away Nov.11, 1898 Livingston Avenue and Graham Road get their names from these families. Reynoldsburg is known as “The birthplace of the tomato”. Re:
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