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Our October Meeting

A very important item is on the traditional October agenda: the annual business meeting will occupy part of the meeting. So between now and then- you may want to mull over candidates for our club offices.  Now is the time to step up and become a greater part of the club.  The officers in place are agreeable with continuing to serve, so there is that for you to consider as well. One of the greatest things about DELARA is we’re a “Clique-free” organization! We’re all one big family, so your suggestions are gladly accepted!! Watch the email reflector for more details on where dinner’s planned and other ‘goings-ons’.

The CW car

El Prez forwards this picture- check out the CW! I know Joe K8MP is a veteran CW guy- driving down the roadway with paddles on his knee working mobile CW. But I’m not sure even Joe would decipher this while chasing him around in traffic.